Cornerstone's Burnin' Blaze "Teal" and Teal & son Craig
    Born: November 18, 1999, AKC. SN70078106
Teal was born the day the Texas A&M University bonfire fell. He is named in tribute to those fallen Aggies.


Teal's sire
FC-AFC Rebel With A Cause

    2000, 2001 Top Open Yellow
    #3 Sire, 2001 Derby List
    OFA LR-9425G27M-T (Good)
    Cerf LR-22805/2000-68 (PRA clear)

FC-AFC Super Pic CNFC-FC-AFC Hiwood Piper Pacer's Pic NAFC-CNFC-FC Piper's Pacer
All Star's Jumpin' Joy
Smokin' Juicy Lucy MH FC-AFC Express Charger
Sean's Candlewood Cassie
FC-AFC Ms. Chief NAFC-FC Trumarc's Zip Code NFC-AFC San Joaquin Honcho
Seymour's Windjammer Mist
FC-AFC Ms. Mischief's Magic Marker Super Powder
Little Ms. Mischief
Teal's dam
HRCH UH Cornerstone's Petros SH

    2 AKC Master passes
    OFA LR-78222G29F (Good)
    Cerf LR-20368/98-41 (PRA clear)

HRCH Pistol Pete XXXI MH
    OFA LR-39576E25M (Excellent)
FC-AFC Payoff Pete
    OFA LR-1857
AFC Trieven Classical Jazz
    OFA 10873
Trieven Super Snickers
    OFA 11433
Devines Irish Cream
    OFA good
Honcho's Skyler Express
    OFA good
Kizzy's Little Mandy
    OFA good
HR Sonny's Yellar Dawg Dixie SH
    OFA LR-37346G28F (Good)
    PRA clear
Megan's Yellar Dawg Exmoor's Turf'n Surf
Osa's Pearl
DC's Fool's Gold GRHRCH Millercreek Yellow Bear MH
HRCH Sugar 'N Spice MH