Young Derby hopefuls in spring workouts on wild Huns and Chukar

Trained by Jerry L. Arlington.
TJ is owned by Gary Landrum, from Mt. Pleasant , TX. TJ is pointing wild chukars in the high country during a spring workout.

Trained by Jerry L. Arlington

TJ, "Proof's Secret Service" is now a three times Champion with his most current Championship the

1999 National Am. Chukar Championship
March 23, 1999
Handled by Eric Mauck!
"Catch The Wave" is an outstanding young setter derby owned by Gary Landrum. Wave is a great, stylish, bird dog and is pictured pointing wild Huns in a spring workout.
Button is also owned by Grary Landurm, Button and is a full litter mate to TJ. She is waiting for me to flush wild chukars.
TJ is backing Button on a wild pair of Huns in the flats.