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Evil Geniuses for a Different Tomorrow

Mad Scientist Culture

Since many of the world's greatest Evil Geniuses have been meglo-maniacs, we find it useful to see just what your skills in Theological Engineering are.  To that end we have a copy of the exam for you here.

Geek Culture
I wouldn't say that all of our members are nerds but many of us are, so Nerd Culture is a big part of modern Mad Scientist Culture.   Below you will find links to some Science, Tech, and Geeky Sites that our Web Crew finds interesting.
Jon Katz of Wired magazine did an excellent series entitled Defining Geekdom.   I highly recommend it.
Next, how about a great cartoon, User Friendly.  It even has a character, Pitr, who is noted for living his life by the book, "World Domination for Dummies."  Most of us EGs are big User Friendly fans and this site is proud to be a part of the UFie Webring.

Bastard Operator From Hell The New Hackers Dictionary
Unix Guru Universe Silicon Valley Tarot
The Digital Landfill The Happy-Hacker
Adminspotting The Cypherpunks
vi Coffee Cup Geek-Nation
DEC Wars Geek Girl!
Slashdot Nerdworld
Girls Who Wear Glasses
The Guy's Guide to Geek Girls
System Administrator Horror Stories
The International Obfuscated C Code Contest

The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence
Many of us EGs are involved in the SETI@Home project.  When we aren't using our computers they are busy crunching data for the SETI Project.  The free software is available for MacOS, Windows 9x, NT, and almost every flavor of UNIX/Linux in the known world.  And some of us EGs doing SETI@Home are member of Team UFie, see where we stand here.

Weird Science
You like the X-Files and Millennium don't you?   Well, here is a magazine that explores the unusual in the world around us Strange Magazine.

And more links coming soon!