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Evil Geniuses for a Different Tomorrow

Science Fiction Conventions we will be Attending

Norwescon 23
April 20 - 23 2000
DoubleTree Hotel Seattle Airport:  Seatac, Washington
Memberships: $45.00 until September 7, 1999
Hotel rooms: Price TBA

Writer Guests of Honor - David Brin & Gregory Benford
Artist Guest of Honor - Bernie Wrightson
Science Guest of Honor - TBA
Fan Guests of Honor - John and Bjo Trimble. 

What can I say, for many of us EGs this is THE CONVENTION of the year.  A large hotel with big rooms and a fan friendly staff right across the street from a Denny's, a Jerk in the Box, and a liquor store make for an almost perfect site to have a con.  And Norwescon has outstanding programming with separate computer and science tracks which can only be even better this year since the theme is "Ad Astra - To the Stars."  Which means that there is plenty to stimulate a genius by day, and the Evil Geniuses for a Different Tomorrow throw parties all THREE nights!   And we were THE PARTY to be at on Thursday of Norwescon22.

The 53rd Westercon

July 1 - 4, 2000
Sheraton Waikiki Hotel:  Honolulu, Hawaii
Memberships - $45 until June 15, 1999
Hotel Rooms - $250-$465
Suites from $650.00
Wow!  What better reason to go to Hawaii for, a Westercon.  Imagine a convention on Waikiki's famous white sand beach.  I bet all the Klingons melt at this con.  But it would probably be perfect for those that prefere skimpy costumes.  Time to start saving this one!   I doubt there will be enough of us EGs there to throw a party.  Hell, this one's probably too much $s for any of us, but you never know.  Guests - Dan Simmons, Ctein, John Lorentz.

VikingCon 17
August 18-20, 2000
Western Washington University
Bellingham, Washington
Memberships: $20 until July 15, 2000
$30 at the door


$TBA in dorm rooms

Author Guest of Honor - Larry Niven
Science Guest of Honor - Freeman Dyson
Artist Guest of Honor Julia Lacquement
Special Guest of Honor - George Dyson
Fan Guests of Honor - Paul Carpentier & Julia McGalliard

A small, but well-run and established convention with guest list that should belong to a Con twice as large and three times expensive.  And how long has it been since any of us have gotten smashed at a party in a dorm?  I say we're all over due.  This one is a must do for us.  And you've got to love the price.