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Area51, chosen to be a testing range for the US Airforce in 1955, now holds the USA's most secret aircraft. The location on which Area51 is built is as good as it gets for a secret military site. It is totally surrounded by mountains and has a dry lake (Groom Lake) which serves as a runway. In the past, top secret aircraft have been tested here like the U-2, SR-71, F-117 tacit blue, half blue, numerous UAVs, and currently the Aurora.

A view of the remote base from freedom ridge which is now closed. (Click on image to enlarge): View Of Area51 From Freedom Ridge

There are more than 2000 workers at Area51 that work on constructing new experimental aircraft. Everybody who crosses the line of orange posts marking the nellis range border and goes past the 'Deadly Force Authorized' signs is automatically fined $600. Another crossing after the fine will result in an arrest most likely followed by jail time. A picture of these signs is displayed below. The only good place to view this base is on the summit of Tikaboo Peak. Tikaboo Peak is a hard-to-access point about 26 miles east of the base and a telescope is needed to get a clear picture. Our good friend the Military has taken away most of the good viewing spots such as Freedom Ridge and White Sides Peak. Click Here to view a map that includes these landmarks.

The Infamous Border Signs
If you want to go to Area51 you should know about the "camo dudes." These are the rednecks the enforce the security around there. They drive around in white Jeeps and will just watch you unless you cross the border. If this were to happen then they would come and stop you. More Security Information

The more than 2000 workers at Area51 have to fly to work from McCaran airport where they depart from the Janet terminal in 737's that have nothing but a red stripe down the side. The "Janets" land at about 12 P.M. and there are usually about 12 of them. The workers are dressed in normal clothes so nobody gets suspicious.

Many strange objects have been sighted in the airspace around Area51. Most of these can be explained but few remain a mystery. This map shows where Area51 is in relation to Las Vegas. Map of nellis afb range

Area51 Workers Lawsuit

During the 70's and 80's the workers at Area51 were exposed to fumes of toxins like JP7 (Jet Fuel) being burned in trenches that can be viewed in the satellite picture here. Along with the toxins were old computer parts. The workers were ordered to go into the trenches and mix up the material and were only allowed to wear protection up to their waste. Helen Frost, who's husband Robert died in 1988 from the fumes, filed a lawsuit against the government in 1996 but was dismissed by the judge because the government could neither confirm nor deny the goings on at the base and that the base is exempt from any environmental laws. The executive order by clinton that exempts the base can be viewed here: [Clinton Document].

New Secret Base In Utah? HELL NO! Most of you by now have probably read the poorly written article that was published in Popular Mechanics. Why would Popular Mechanics, of all megazines, publish and article about Area51?!! The article says that Area51 has been abandoned due to radioactive fallout, and "moved" to Utah and has a new name: Area6413. It stated that the base was to be used for testing of new rockets among other things. So here's the real story: First of all, there are several 15 mile long roads that go off of highway 375 that go off into the desert, and no, the one that leads to Area51 IS NOT Mailbox Road! The reporter went down the wrong road and ended up in an old farm! Second, there is absolutely nothing in Green Valley, Utah, that is operational today. This is where the article stated that the new base is. As you have probably determined by now, this article was all a just disinformation project and that's the bottom line.