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Updated Feb 15,1999. Welcome to the top DMX site on the net. Hey yo, lots of things have been going down lately, I got a my whole account wiped out of xoom, so I can't put up mp3s for awhile. But the link takes you to, you can find a whole bunch of stuff there. The word on the new CD is that its everyone for themselves. Lots of people like it, some hate it, but of course I do. There's a lot of people talking about it here. You should all go there and tell em what you think. Im also looking for people to write articles for this site, to make sure all of us DMX fans can get the latest info. If you're interested just email me.

'DMX live

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Though this page focuses on DMX, find out other facts on other rap artists such as Jay Z, and Ja Rule. I would like to thanks those of you who sent me pics of DMX, and would appreciate any other help that those of you who want to donate info, pic's, and other useful things. Im also looking for someone who wants to right articles for this site. If you're interested, just email me, and put dmx articles in the subject.

Fellow fans of DMX, or Westbrook members can contact me by clicking on the "where my dogs at?" image. Please, any other correspondence, scroll to the bottom of the page

where my dogs at?

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