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Even More Of Bear Sanders

Happy Bear

The Bear Facts

I was born on a farm in Spokane, Washington on April 18, 1994. I don't remember too much more. I know that my mother was a German Shepherd and I remember one brother who accompanied me to the pet store to be sold. Can you believe that? That was June 13th. We were only eight weeks old. My brother looked a lot like me. He had two blue eyes and I have one blue eye and one brown eye. Has anyone seen him? Anyway, it was really scary at that place. All of these people were hanging all over us and then my brother was sold. I was all alone. Then some man came in and started asking all sorts of questions about me. I wanted my mother and my brother. Suddenly, they were dragging me out of the display case and giving me shots and poking and prodding me! What a horrible experience. The man who was asking the questions had a woman with him. She picked me up and held me close. I only weighed 25 pounds then. The next thing I knew I was in a truck screaming my head off. The last time I was in a truck I ended up at a pet shop! "MOM, help me!" Well, she didn't. The lady seemed really nice. The man said something about a name for me. My mother called me Pup, wasn't that my name? Humans! They mentioned Kodiak and a few other names. They both mentioned the name Bear at the same time. Oh well, if they couldn't recognize something as simple as Pup as my name I guess that Bear is better than nothing. We went to Idaho. That's where I lived for two years. There was a house with a big back yard. They told me that the yard was all mine and they showed me all around. Suddenly, the fear and loneliness seemed to be disappearing from my heart. These humans told me that they loved me and that they wouldn't hurt me. I decided to stay with them. As time went by I learned that these people were not so bad after all. There names are Mom and Dad. They gave me a sister. She's a cat named Taipei. So, she's not a dog. She's a lot of fun to chase around the house. Mom and Dad make sure I have lots of food to eat and a warm place to sleep. I have a big yard, but I live in Washington State now. We live close to the ocean so I get to walk on the beach sometimes. My life must be pretty good because I am always being told that I have it good. Mom and Dad give me Pig Ears for treats and once or twice in the summer I get an ice cream cone. They made me go to obedience school and I passed because the teacher didn't know what to do with me. I chatted it up with the other dogs all through classes and I was always in trouble with the teacher. I thought it was a social hour, but I guess it wasn't supposed to be. I will sit and stay and lay down if I have to. I can shake hands and sit up... well, sort of. I still like chatting with other dogs. I sure wish Mom and Dad would get me a buddy. We could dig holes in the yard and chase squirrels and bluejays. I never catch those guys, but they are sure fun to run after! Well, that's about it. I have a great life and I am a pretty happy guy. If you know of any unattached girl dogs who would like to meet me, well... leave me an email!

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