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 Aquatic Biology - my class web site, contains pictures of corals, sea horses, and the zero footprint reef project.
 Lew and Margaret Heifner's Betta Splendens Page - a real must see, especially for breeders
 Bettas and Info on Other Science Related Topics - has nice pictures and some good links
 Siamese Fighting Fish - nice site!
 Betta Splendens - a link to a students web site with good info. and pictures
 The Fishdears - has more links to go to and some pretty pictures
 What is a Betta? - good scientific facts and species!!
 The Betta Bowl - tons of info, a great site!
 Siamese Fighting Fish - a different site than the one above, with links to books
 DRoesparky's Home Page - These aren't your pet store variety bettas, be sure to check out the betta web ring
 Links of interest - Many many more links plus pictures
 Asia - habitat info and another perspective
 Black Magic Bettas - if you like beautiful fish, you have to see this site
 Red Delta navigator, a betta page - lots of detailed info and pictures
 Siamese Fighting Fish (Betta splendens) - Characteristics and general information
 Mailing Lists About Freshwater Tropical Fish - mailing lists for hish, including Bettas
 The Market Place - list of breeders and available stock
 The Internet Aquaria Database - can search for common names, scientific names, etc...
 Labyrinth fish - Betta genetics and identification of species
 Fish Link Central - index of links for aquaria
 Spawning Bettas - spawning of Betta imbellis, the peaceful betta
 Tropical Freshwater Fish Gallery - information on breeding various fish
 Delphi Pets Forum - this links directly to the betta page, but there are many other pages available
 The Betta Column - columns by Rob Kirkelie, who has kept and bred bettas for seven years
 Dave's Tropical Fish Page - a site by Dave that has tons of links and some of his projects
 Jeff's Half Moon Betta Page - Jeff's page has pictures, information, and personality
 Betta Movies