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Daed's Religion

I think the object of this page (other than irritating the christians) is going to be to amuse the shit out of the normal people ;)


Bastard Son of our Lord This is Jesus official site. Proof positive that he does exist.

Home of the Reverend Ratbastard Oh so very twisted. My baby and im proud of it. *sniff* heheh

Stupid Jesus Tricks *LOL* this one isn't mine but DAMN is it funny.

Christian Sex Manual Taken from Stupid Jesus Tricks ;) Now you know why they are so grumpy.

Who is the Devil History of the Horned one himself. It's all just a bad rap.

The Jesus Store *LOL* The Shroud of Urine and other goods, Get yours now ;)

Anti Pat Robertson/Christian Coalition Site

Consumer report ¿Which religion is best? *g*

Heritic Page An Online debate arsenal. :) great for Chatfights heheh

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