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To The Psycho Bitch From Hell

We had more bad times than good.
You said you loved me but you lied.
I always put you first, before anyone else.
And for that my lifelong friendships died.
We used to be the best of friends.
But you completly fucked that up.
The mention of your name makes my blood boil.
I will always wonder how long you were cheating?
I know that you were constantly lying!
You have made it hard for me to trust.
I would not be so bitter if you just broke it off.
If you were unhappy why did you string me along?
But instead I was made out to be the bad guy.
I hope that you are happy with your "just friends" boyfriend.
Ive always wondered why you treated me so bad?
And I hope that no one ever puts you through the shit you have put me through.
However, you would not be bothered by it because you show no emotion and have no heart!
So good luck with the games that you play.
I just hope I never have to hear your name.
Thanks for the worst seven months of my life.
I hope my memories of you will just fade away!

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