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PROM 2000

Yeah...I thought I was done last year! But I went again. I had a good time...but it turns out I broke my toe before Prom even started! But I hardly noticed it! Prom was on May 13, 2000 this year. The day before Mothers Day...bad planning on the schools part if you ask me!

A little help

This is my dad tellin' me how it is done. He helped me with getting dressed last year but I did not pay attention because I did not think that I would ever get dressed up like this again untill I get married. I was wrong so he helped me again.

Comming together

This is me after getting all my black buttons put on my shirt. My mom was taking a lot of pictures. It was really getting annoying!

Dad and I

Dad and I on our back deck. He sure is a scruffy looking old guy. :-)

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