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Final Page of Graduation Pictures

Smoke Free Picture

I know this is a duplicate picture....but this one is smoke free. This one looks much better don't you think?

She's got Legs

Nothin' like a show from Myself and my ex-girlfriend!


Nothin' like a kiss from my ex-girlfriend after a great night of Graduation festivities! I can't belive that it's all over! It was a great part of my life and I'll miss it! But that is life and its time to move on! I love you mom and dad! You have made me so successful up untill this point. You guys don't know how much you guys mean to me. I love you both! No matter how much of a shit I can be and what I say, I love you! :-)

Thats All The Graduation Pictures I have for you! Now its time to go back to my Main Page.