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Fear Factory

Fear Factory is a very good band! If you don't like Metal I think you should leave this page because you are an idiot! Now that that is gone for those of you whom have stayed. Fear Factory Rocks. To find out more about Fear Factory check them out at their official web page.
While attending Ozzfest 1999 I was given backstage passes to the concert by Fear Factory's management. They are Concrete Management check out their web page at

Fear Factory's Lead Singer Smiling Pretty

Here is another pic of Burton Singing on Stage. I sure was close to the action at Ozzfest 1999!

Christian (Guitarist) Backstage

Here is a pic of Fear Factory in Action! This is Burton and Christian!

Dino (Guitarist) On Stage

This is the Keyboardist that was playing with Fear Factory. I believe that his name is John. All that needs to be said is that Fear Factory Kicks ass! End of story!