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Shout Outs

Look around some more!!!!!!

Shout out's to all of my internet friends! First of all I would like to say hello to TRISH the first person who I met on the internet. Hello to SPICE, FRIZZY (Melissa), DANA , KAROLYN, MOM (LORI), Fergy , Heavensent (EMILY),Jade16, CANDYB BROOKE, squash, TEENangel, SPRINGKISS, BUDMAN, ALICIA, BUDWEISER, SMOKEY420, SMOKEHYDRO, ACL420, HOPE, ALLEY, TUT a.k.a. EMILY, KARA, NICOLE a.k.a. NICORETTE, JD & DEBBIE, Shawta & Wade, and Jesseca. Oh..yeah...All my family members also. If I forgot you e-mail me and let me know!!! I will add you to my list. Everyone that I listed is cool...If you see them online you should try to chat with them..and of course..I am cool! And all those people listed above are cool enough to know me! ;-)

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