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Hey...I am now 19 years old and have a job. Its a damn good job I might add. I fell into it by luck. It is a kick ass job that has a lot of good benefits. I am a security guard at NINTENDO. Yes, the company that makes video game systems and the very famous POKEMON games. Now I make pretty good money and now that I'm single I've noticed that there is a lot more money in my pocket. I love my job, they are going to give me 1,500 a year for college. So I will be attending night classes ASAP. I just have to get a durable car! And that is in process as of right now. I have not updated this in a while but its all good..and I'm doin' a little bit now. I have to update my music page though....I have seen a lot of concert that I did not put up there. I think that might keep me busy for a little while. Meanin' how I go to a concert every two to three months. Music is what life is all about. And the music I mainly listen to lets me get out a lot of agression!

I have lived in Washington State for almost my entire life. My parents moved me up to the rainy State of Washington when I was eight months old. I have lived in the same house a majority of the time I can remember. I lived in a house only a couple of blocks away from where I live now, but I don't remember anything from that house.

Well any questions contact me. All my contact information is located below. Thanks a bunch for stoppin' by.

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Have fun looking around my page! Feel free to e-mail me with your comments. Or send me a message on ICQ or AOL IM. You will find my ICQ pager below. And my screen name on AOL IM is CLAYJR99 PLEASE SIGN THE GUESTBOOK!

Clayton Ritter II

P.S. I'M COOL!!!!!!!!!!!

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