Transcribed 4 June, 1996
You brought this on yourselves
(Reprinted and addendum added 27 Oct 1997)
(Addendum II added 18 Sept 1998)
(Addendum III added 8 June, 1999)

  There has been some complaints that the house rules are vague or not set down in writing for easy reference.  Well, here they are....
#1-My word is law.  Argue with me after the game, not during.  It ruins the game for your fellow players and irritates me, improving the chances of your PC getting waxed....
#2-Be polite to the other gamers, you are supposed to be a team, and need to work on that.  At the rate this group is going, I will cut you to ribbons within 6 melee round with a trained force, and my villianous groups will use teamwork where applicable (CS opponents take note!)
#3-Teamwork teamwork teamwork.  Teamwork is also worht XP when used.  If you do not use teamwork, you not only risk your PC's lives, but miss out on good XP to boot
#4-A natural 20 is a crit on parries, dodges, strikes, inits and saves
#5-A crit is x2 damage, double crits are x3, every crit after adds +1 to the multiplier.
#6-1,2, 3, or 4 completely misses or fails....I don't care if you have +332 bonus on whater, YOU STILL LOSE!!!
#7-01% succeeds no matter what the negatives, as long as you make a good case on why that skill is applicable to the task on hand.
#8-99 or 00 FAILS!!!! That's it, end of story.
#9-Skills may advance above 100% (See rule #8)
#10-For you smart guys who over use Impervious to Energy, this is for you.  On a natural 20, you must save vs. non-lethal poison.  Fail and take 1/2 damage, succeed and take no damage.  It's either that or your body will become so attuned to the spell that you will become Impervious to ALL energy, even your bodies own bio-electric energy.
#11-No more Heroes Unlimited or Ninjas and Super Spies character or powers/abilities until further notice
#12-Character background will be required if you bring in a new character, and it IS subject to MY approval.  Remember, a well laid out, logical, and realistic background will net you bonuses, shoddy ones will get you jack shit, and maybe the PC being rejected.
#13-Do NOT engage in and MDC race with me.  You will lose.  Think about it.
#14-You are not dead until I say you are dead.  Throw a fit, and you may be dead.
#15-No more "My new PC was best friends/lover/sister/brother/father/former college room-mates brothers cousin so I get his gear now and all the secrets to his security procedures, caches, and contacts"  I'm tired of it.  I was tired of it in 1986, and I'm tired of it still!!!
#16-If you get killed, the other PC's get to divvy up you shit.  YOU HAVE NO SAY!!!!  Just shut up and make your new PC.
#17-Rifts Earth Humans get 4d6, reroll 1's, take the best 3.  All others get base.  Don't like it?  Tough, I am inflexible on that point from now on.
#18-There is an attatched sheet that will list what O.C.C. and R.C.C.'s are available right now (See #11)  You guys screwed the pooch and acted like I was stupid once too often, so if you don't like the list, get your shit.....
#19-Team work, team work, team work....
#20-I have final say on your PC's gear, spells, mental powers, ect....
#21-For those of you who think you are clever, your not.  Stop trying to sneak stuff by me, all you are doing is annoying me and putting other players and your own PC's lives in danger.  If I say no to something, don't try to worm your way around it.
#22-As far as basic book characters go, only juicers, borgs with a PP over 25, and crazies may ATTEMPT to parry bursts....that's by the book, people....and rail guns primarily fire bursts.
#23-If you parry a missile, you get what you deserve.  If you have an indestructable shield, you may attempt it, but you will 1/2 damage if you succeed, unless it's plasma, napalm, or F/A, in which case you will take full damage.
#24-You may not roll with or parry Napalm, Plasma, WP, Fuel/Air, Thermite Gel, Thermite Plasma.  If you do, you will still take damage.  The Napalm and Plasma is by the book.
#25-New Trial Interpretation: Lasers will do MD vs MDC, SD vs SDC.  Let's try it out and see how it works.
#26-I am DONE being nice!  Work together and think on your feet, or I will bury you.  I am tired of keeping your PC's alive.  That is your job, not mine.  I dislike PC fatalities, but see rule #27.
#27-If you stick your dick in a meat grinder, it'll be hamburger.  Example: You are a lone GB, w/ 1 round of ammo, armor down to 150 MDC, when 6 SAMAS-II come over the rise, pristine and untouched.  If you fire that round, do not bitch at me when your armor is scrapped and your PC is POW or dead.
#28-Also known as "Take That!"  If you get hammered too hard by my mistake, run for it, and I will try to recover it to the best of my ability.  I may just capture you or accept your surrender.
#29-Don't try to impress me with your cleverness at bending the rules and trying to become a godlike figure.  Impress me with your roleplaying and cleverness at gaming.  I LIKE clever players!
#30-Also called "The Skeletor Syndrome"  It is not over until it is ALL over!  I have seen someone succeed with Target Number 53, 3 dice out of 9; and AD&D Paladin with 3 H.P. and a +4 dagger defeat a Pit Fiend, and a Rifts 1st Level Vagabond escape from a Net-Sec Burbs sweep through cleverness.  The moral of the story is: Think fluidly.  Combat and life itself is fluid.
#31-Villagers have loooooong memories, and if you dick them, some night, some where, when you are sleeping and least expect it, and have probably forgotten about it, a farmer will jam his pitchfork up your ass, or may pool their resources and hire a bounty hunter.  News doest travel from town to town in Rifts, via radio, travellers, land line telephones, and gossip.  NPC's will treat you as you treat them.
#32-Although I will let the players steer the campaign, this is not Chaos Inc.  I will make some structure, and sometimes, I will leave you as much choice as the IRS (read: none) about things, but except for notable campaign events, I will aviod doing that.  If you don't like the adventure, tell me why, what you want changed, or what you want.  Try to make plans the gamine session before about what you would like to do, whether the current adventure is finished of not.
#33-I will be using weapons and ammo used on the modern day battlefield for large scale organizations such as the CS, Triax, the Megaversal Legion.  We're talking ERLIX mortar rounds, FASCAM artillery shells, smart missiles, night vision, infrared scopes, tactical battlefield commo suites, CS gas, Ramjet rounds, APDS, FSAPDS, HEAT, AP-DU, HEDP, APERS, and any others I know of.  Want to see the damage sheets?  Too bad.
#34-What is good for you is good for my villians.  Remember that before you get too clever.  Remember that if you think a rule is unfair.  What is good for my villians is good for you too, think about that.  Those tactics that I use can be used on me, and if you get their weapons, ammo, and armor, you can keep it, if you take proper precautions.
#35-Also known as "Do it again."  If I tell you no on something, and you hand me the same thing, just worded differently, or try to pass off a 'new' PC with the same stats, gear, level, cash and skill as your old one, or the one I turned down, just a new name and things positioned differently on the character sheet, it will come back around.  If I warn you about something, and you do it anyway, you get the repercussions.
#36-Resurrection will be a major campaign motivator/plot line.  Die, and your dead.
#37-Also known as you as "You get what you deserve, assmunch"  If I tell you not to do something, and you do it anyway and get killed or mutilated, if you do something that you know will have major bad repercussions, if you smack someone around and later they come back, you will get what you deserve.
#38-Be rude to Lykere, or don't at least attempt to clean up after yourself, don't let the door hit you in the ass on your way out, and take your coat, Texas nights are cold.
#39-If you want to quote the book, your character sheet better be strak, or I'll straighten it out, from the board.  you also better know what the hell your talking about, and it better be after the fucking game.  I'm tired of argueing with you for an hour or two during the game while the other players have to sit there and listen to your childish whining.....
#40-Look, these all may sound a little harsh, but let's remember the PC that took 20 more MD than he could handle, straight to the chest, and another PC made their EMT roll, and another PC scavenged bionics off of dead CS borgs, and the rescued the dying PC.  Quit whining and finish reading this thing.
#41-Contrary to popular belief, I do have the monetary conversion chart.  And no, you can't see it.
#42-If you play an MDC monster, your next PC must be human, non-MDC (Ie: I'm sick of people playing the same damn race over and over, or the same fucking OCC over and over...try something new or go back to reading the rule books)
#43-Also known as "Touch it again...."  My notes are OFF FUCKING LIMITS, BUTT-MONKEY!!!  The next one of you I catch digging in my notes is looking for another group.  Got that?
#44-If I pull out a monster, and you reach for a book to look it up, your busted.  If you reach for a book that is not yet open, get your shit,. and go down to the gaming shop and look for another GM.  I'm fucking sick of the cheating.
#45-I have a random monster creation sheet (Now an IBM C++ program for Windows 95), and no, you may not see it.  The books are GUIDELINES, not the end all be all of gaming.
#46-Don't argue NBC with me.  Let's not repeat the embarressment went I pulled out documentation for the real world on the effects of VX class nerve agent, dealing specifically with dispersion vectors.
#47-If you think you can do this better than me, cool.  Be quiet, and enjoy the game, and talk to me after the game about co-DMing, or taking a couple of my players off my hands.  I don't hold a grudge on a player who feels they are ready to GM.
#48-If I even think you are out to ruin the game for the other players, you're out.  No more fucking warnings.
#49-You guys ran off and abandoned your bases, and now you have nowhere to stash your goodies, and the CS keeps hammering your stockpiles because YOU LEAD THEM BACK TO THEM, DUMBASSES!!!  You have noone to blame but yourselves, you haven't gone back, you haven't tried to secure a new base.  Get a base, or gear up to be nomads, but quit whining to me that people jack your stuff when you show it off, and the CS and bandits keep ripping off your stashes.
#50-This is a long and complicated doozie!!!!  All of you studboy MDC beings and robot jocks out there need to take note:  MDC breaks down like this:
  For beings:  Head-10% of main body  Arms: 25%  Hands: 10%  Fingers: 5% Wings: 25%  Tail: 33.3%  Legs: 50%  Feet: 15%  Elbows: 30%  Neck: 10%
  For Non-listed Armors:  Head: 25%  Arms: 25%  Hands: 10%  Fingers: 5%  Legs: 50%  Neck: 5% Knees: 35%  Elbows: 20%  (minumum of 5 MDC on a part).  Remember about the 10 MDC lining and electronics/mechanicals layers (giving you 10 MDC before it's you!)
  RPA:  If your main body is taken out, the pilot can hit the manual over-ride switches (takes one attack), and hope your pilots compartment holds out and not too much damage is done to the vital systems (Each strike will be 1-4 criticals out of the Rifts Coversion Book)
  Force Fields:  Same MDC all over.  What hits one area, affects all, and someone can time their attack to coincide with yours, hitting you when your force field flickers (-15 to strike unless milspec RPA sensor suite or Juicer with the JAV-7)  If remaining MDC is at least 25% of the SINGLE attack that brings it down, no damage is sustained, and if less than 25% of the SINGLe attack that will destroy the field, the damage is counted off on a 3 to 1 basis (Ie-10 MDC left on the force field, and 60 MD is taken from a Wilk's 457.  The field sucked up 30 MDC before failing)  Force fields must recharge their capacitors, and E-Clip ones are ionized for a period of time.

  Once again, not all  monsters will be in the book, and go ahead and ask to see my program (You know who you are, and you know what will happen, bitch about it again)
  Those items, weapons, OCC's, RCC's, and spells in the off limits books are just that, OFF LIMITS, ASSWIPE!!!
  If you can hear through your force-field, sonic attacks CAN hurt you!
  Aerosol Grenades counteract lasers.....It's kinda like smoke....Laser targeting DOES not work through HC smoke, so the anti-laser Aerosol Grenades work.  Live with it.  Hell, you should be happy, they are only 135 Cr each!!!
  Yes, there is someone in North America teaching Tia-Kwon-Do and Kendo.  until you find the person, deal with it....
  "How did they know we were here???"  is a whine I'm getting tired of....CHECK YOUR FUCKING GEAR FOR TRANSMITTERS!!!!!
  I'm sentient and so are my NPC's, and you will rarely fool the same NPC the same way twice, and after awhile, that trick gets around, and is useless, or someone will use it against you!
  One word-Battle-RWCDROM's
  Tactics are getting better, but remember, the better you get, the better tactics I feel I can use.  Don't bring up those villagers again.  I'm sick of that damn arguement, and I think I comprehended it the first time.
  You have to kill ALL of the non-robotic Mechaniods......
  Bad Guys Learn Too!!!

  OK, I'm sick of argueing every damn time we get together, over silly shit that no one else really gives a shit about, and I can't afford to back down to.  Read the Above, and the following, and stop argueing with me.  These rules are now in force.
#1-Death Blow, Multiple Dodge, Pin, knockout, and the martial arts being used must be declared at the beginning of the round.  Simo strike does not, live with it.
#2-Yes, you can backflip dodge for a better position
#3-I think about where and why NPC's come from, those goblins were from Palladium, and they had skills and OCC's.  Deal with it.  Anyone wearing a 50 SDC, AR-11 cryo jumpsuit and packing a piece of pipe, who engages a goblin packing a +2 short sword, a +1 shield, and enchanted chainmail, who is a 4th level armsmaster, is going to get what they deserve!
#4-Thanks to the Juicer Uprising Book, it appears that the Juicer Autododge can be overloaded.  I think that I will get rid of that armor.  We took a sealed vote on it, and the anti-autododge feature of the armor is now deleted from the game....
#5-I keep anything done in this game  out of other games, and vice-versa, and expect the same courtesy.
#6-Dice are $3.50 at Hobbytown, USA.  Get some today.
#7-I want PC backgrounds done by that PC's player!  If you don't do it, I will, and I warn you, I will stack it for my use.  I want an enemy, a slight family mention, and why your PC turned to adventuring.
#8-This is a thinking game, you will use your skills and braines.  Want hack and slash, play Battletech or No Elves.
#9-Be nice to Lykere.  If she tells you to get out, your gone, and I will not argue.  I have to sleep in the same house as her, not you, and this is her house.  Don't be a wiseass and start groveling, I'm talking be polite, and treat her as you would like to be treated.
#10-Don't be sneaky.  As you can tell from the above posts, I don't like it,.
#11-All of the above rules will be enforced.
#12-Basic Book only, no more Ninja's and Superspies or Heroes Unlimited...
#13-If you launch missiles on a transport, and you blow up the cargo, tough shit!!!
#14-You cannot stand toe to toe with the entire CS Military!  I will wipe you out!
#15-Major villians have been changed around from the books.  Don't even pretend not to understand why I did that.
#16-Getting your ass beat?  Change your damn tactics!
#17-These are the PC creation rules:
            4d6 take the best 3, reroll ones for Rifts Earth Humans only!
            4d6 take the best 3 for all other humans and Dog Boys
            Straight out of the book for all others
            Rolls will be witnessed by Backlash, me or Lykere
            HTH skills out of Basic Book only!  The next one of you I catch with HTH Commando
                will be looking for a new gaming group.
            OCC's & RCC's out of the basic book only (Underseas, New West, Spirit West, and
                Mercs are not open just becuase I pulled some of the weapons and armor out of them)
            If I say no, I mean no.  No arguement, but I won't get upset if it's an honest question (such
                as "Can I have a Dog Boy Operator <Yes> or a cyber-doc with an MD in genetics
                <no>) but asking me rediculous stuff (can I have a mind melter dragon or a techno-
                wizard with a set of TW power-armor) will just serve to irritate me.  Use common
                sense in your PC creation.....
            Although it says that the Operator starts out with vehicle or power armor of choice,
                remember, you are not an RPA Elite, or a GB pilot, so don't even ask for a GB or
                Behemoth Explorer.  Right now, those items are rare at best.
            You get 2 HTH plus what you get from your HTH skill and/or boxing.  That's final.
                That gives people with HTH Assassin 3 at 1st level, and all others 4
             I will do mutations and psychic rolls from now on.
  What another PC has is NONE of your business.  There is a world of difference between a Super Hero and a DemiGod.  Don't insult me thinking that I don't know that.
  Remember, this campaign world is in the middle of the CS/Tolkeen war, and your actions are causing Tolkeen to lose.  Your hitting everyone, playing both sides against one another, and made sure in 102 PA that the CS/Triax alliance was well set.
  A quick refresher.  Your little jaunt to the Jovian Colonies and your reentry into Rifts Earth on the Damoclese Space Station Emergency Ejection Pods is where the access codes for the sattellites came from.  Several of you sold the codes and locations of those sattellites to Triax, the CS, Japan, the Megaversal Legion and some others.  It is your fault that these countries now have limited sattellite usage.
  You feel like I'm being too tough on you.  You've stood by the Armstice Agreements of 9.17.98 and so have I, and I've let you chose your own paths, but you are still bitching.  Let's show you how and why things are happening.

  Let's take a look at the Ruins of  Mount Weathertop Fiasco.  The following things went wrong from the get-go......
  Short Reason-You got sloppy
  Long Reason.....

  1. 1   You gathered no intel on the site besides it's location.  You only knew that it was an underground facility designed to house high level politicians and the friends of the rich.
  2. 2   You did not bother to even think.  I cancelled a gaming session to work on this, you saw me pull out a folder.  I made up sattellite recon photos, ground based photos, pictures and layouts for you.  You glanced at them, some of you made fun of my drawing skill, and ignored them.  Only Lykere, Backlash, Essie and 13 payed any attention to them.  Only the four of them were concerned with the amount of time I put in on the adventure.  They knew there was some major shit coming down the pipe.
  3. 3   The automated sentry guns, the remenants of the mine field, all of them caught you guys flat footed.  I thought I was dealing with novices for a moment.
  4. 4   You made a cursory check of the aboveground facility.  You interupted my descriptions of the grounds, even though other players kept asking you to shut up, and were mostly concerned with weapons and tech.
  5. 5   When the elevator was found, 13 wanted to use the shaft, bypassing the elevator cage, but instead you used the elevator.  Big mistake.
  6. 6   While moving through the complex, you ignored several key points.  Active comp stations.  Evidence of a recent evac on that level.  All of you had turned off your radiation meters but Lykere, Essie, 13, Backlash and Ripthorn.
  7. 7   You were confidant that your armor would protect you from the high radiation levels present in the facility, and laughed at Lykere, Essie, 13, Backlash and Ripthorn when they pulled back to the APC.
  8. 8   Despite multiple warnings by other Players, when the doors opened up, and you were greeted by a sec patrol armed with unusual blasters, you engaged in combat.
  9. 9   The fighting was stupid.  You did not cover one another, you did not provide accurate deployment of firepower, and kept bulling on like the T-100 through the Cop Shop in T-1.
  10. 10  You complained when the enemy came around behind you, flanking you on two sides, and hammered you into oblivion.  Your sweep and clear was pathetic, and your use of the vast array of skills available to your PC's was negligant.
  11. 11  All in all, you got what you deserved, those of you that died.  You tried to punk out the 5 players that used the better part of valor, and then whined when you were killed.  So the Wrecking Crew was decimated, and the five survivors recruited your new PC's, kept the old gear for themselves, and renamed themselves Damage Control.
  12. 12  Here is the big thing.  You got sloppy, overconfidant and careless.  Two months later, when you guys returned, and the 5 survivors ran the show, you did the right moves, and got away with all kinds of goodies, including MVM's, experimental weaponry and armors, and augmentation upgrades, not to mention Backlash made off with the data storage computer core.  The difference, the second time, you used your brains.
  I did not open Spirit West for you people when I introduced that gang of bandits armed with Pre-Rifts tech.  Once again, just because I use something out of it, does not mean it is open.
  When in doubt, check the Player Folder.  In there is photocopies of the allowed OCC's, RCC's, weapons, spells, mutations, gear and other pertinant information.  If it isn't in there, it's not available for you.
  I have access to whatever I want, providing that the year is correct.  That is my only restraint.  Live with it.
  PHYSICAL VIOLENCE AGAINST OTHER PLAYERS IS NOT ALLOWED!!!!  If it happens again, this time, not only will Backlash and I kick your ass, we'll call the cops and have you thrown in jail.  I have a strange allergen to bullies, they make my knuckles itch.
  Racial slurs against other players will not be tolerated.  No second chances, your out.
  Good luck, ladies and gentlemen.  I leave you with the unofficial motto of Rifts Earth.  Peace Through Superior Firepower!!!