Rifts is a dangerous world, kind of a mixture of Blade Runner, The Road Warrior (not Mad Max beyond the Thunderdome), Split Second, and Robotech.  A good RPG with just a few errors that result in arguements around the gaming table, the RPG can be a load of fun.  As always, it depends on both the DM and the players working together and remembering it's just a damn game.
  My pages primarily deal with the Coalition War and North America, although the Prophet of Doom campaign is rather far reaching and can be very deadly for the inexperienced, and the Popsicles of the Past alternate campaign beginning is very useful for both new and experienced (read: jaded) players.
  These Rifts pages modify the basic premises set out in some of the later books, but it is what worked for my campaign before we rolled it up and I moved.
  But, enough from me, here are the basic areas of the Rifts space.

Coalition War Database-Fighting and Adventure during the CS War
Coalition Database-Contains information on news about the brewing CS War and many other things...
Prophet of Doom-A Nightspawn Campaign Crossover
Popsicles of the Past-An Alternate Beginning for Rifts Campaigns
Coalition War-Of Course, information on the CS War, including campaign advice and types
North American Database-Temporarily Offline while I sort out things by date
Character and NPC Database-Survivors, heroes, villans, and in general, personae of Rifts
Rifts Miscellaneous Information-Everything from wrist watches to current CS Burbs styles....
Rifts Alternate Earth-What do you mean I'm in violation of Colorado Barony Laws???



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