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Buster Brown Suits

Buster Brown suits were popular for younger children in the early 20th Century. Toddlers at that time often wore dresses or smocks. One of their first boyish suits was often a Buster Brown suit. It was a smocklike suit, but the smock was short, showing bloomer pants worn above the knee with long stockings. Most Buster Brown suits wore worn with a broad white collar, large floppy bow, and broad-brimmed sailor hat. hese suits were worn by boys from about 5 to 8 years of age, but some motheres dressed older boys in them for a few additional years.

Buster Brown suits are modeled on the outfits worn by the boy in a popular comic strip which appeared in the early 1900s. The strip originally appeared in the Sunday comic pages during the Spring of 1902 and ran until the 1920's. Movies, comic books, hardcover books, etc., were all spinoffs ultimately from the 1904 licensing at the St. Louis World's Fair. The shoes are still being made! There are LOTS of Buster Brown collectibles--a listing of some of the books is in the Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide that you can read at most bookstores.

Also associate with the suits were longish hair, either curls or Dutch Boy bangs. The Buster Brown in the comic strip was pictured wearing longish Dutch boy bangs.

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