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Dear Family;

Over the period of the next few years, I hope to post here, FOR THE EYES OF OUR FAMILY AND CLOSE FRIENDS ONLY, pictures and information about family members, past and present.  We are now scattered by the winds of fate and the fickleness of modern society so that a number of us rarely see each other but each has an interest in the others and, in a few cases, have never seen some members of the family.  This site will hopefully help bond those members together.  It should bring back old memories, answer questions and be a place to enter information and pictures about your part of the family.  I also hope that some young'un in the family will see fit to eventually take this over as I get older.

As this is a family project, I need everyone's help.  Please send me photos that you feel are representative of you as you are, as you perceive yourself to be or, if you're lucky enough to get one, as you'd like to be.   Also a selection of favorite family photos chronicling their lives would be appreciated.   You don't have to send me your precious photos if you can find a friend with a scanner and computer - they can send them to me as attachments to an email.   My scanner isn't the greatest but I have a number of photos of various quality that I can post to this website now and if I ever get a better scanner, I will do the photos over again.

I'm hoping to make this first page, the index page, a family tree with small "thumbnail" photos of the family member which you can click on to go to that member's page.  The page you're reading now will be the "Introduction" page.  The construction of this "tree" is a little beyond my current HTML writing abilities at the moment but as I said, this site will take years to build and I will eventually learn how to do it.   Maybe a computer-literate member of the family will assist - please?

This is not a "secure" site so a lot of very specific information will not be given such as home addresses and phone numbers.  Hopefully we will be able to post each one's email address - I feel that will be perfectly safe.   This site will have no web "search" definitions given so the chances of anyone stumbling on it are extremely remote.   Considering the size of the Internet today and number of pages being posted on it, I would guess the chance of someone running across this site is getting close to one in a billion.

The only pages available so far:

AS OF AUGUST 2003, I now am building our family genealogy on a different website and will be working on it there, adding much new information and many photographs. Write me for the URL/address. Bill

NOTE:  I have started another site just to help me sell the tons of junk I've accumulated over the years and just so you can see what I'm doing, I'm putting it's address link below. In order to keep the family website obscured from the normal Internet traffic and not easily located, there is NO WAY BACK from that site to where you are now EXCEPT by using your browser's BACK button.  This means that people I direct to my SALE website have no clue about our family sites.


Email Me at:     Bill

The address of the site you are now at is:

I hope my addresses will remain constant and will be usable for several years to come. The nice thing about the Internet and websites, one may move, but hopefully, the site addresses will remain constant.

This page was last updated Nov. 2, 2003.