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Class of '79 Photo Album

So, has it really been 20 years? Well the following is photographic proof. I've scanned in some of our '79 annual pictures as well as some shots from the 10 year reunion booklet. I would like to upload some current (and maybe even color!) photos, so send them in.


Class Officers

Kurt Webster, Lisa Salo, Janet Smith and Kurt Yeackel


Class Royalty

L- Deano Perlatti, Erica Pence, Dennis Warnecke, Debie Pierce, Alan Dorsey, Cathy Campbell.
R- Debbie (Pierce) Madden, Dennis Warnecke, Deano Perlatti, Erica (Pence) Johnson.

Other Photos From the Ten Year Reunion


L- Lynn (Millican) Nickerson, Mike White, Lori (Moe) Hansen.
C- Scott and Brenda Nickell.
R- Scott Anderson and Rebecca (Wells) Rubens


L- Carl Soderlund and Mike Ellingsen.
C- Lisa (Johanknecht) Salo and Cindy (Canfield) Borgen.
R- Liz Morgan and John Shaffer


L-) Charles and Patti (Lindsey) Mackey,  Pat and Cindy (Sinnett) Irwin.
R- Gene Tabafunda, Dean Roberts, Deano Perlatti, Harold Ugles and Dan McKisson.



More photos

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