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Class of 1979

Twentieth Reunion Photographs

Those of you that attended, know the reunion was a success.   Although I have not done an exact head count, I am sure that well over half the class attended at least one of the events.

Friday night we met at Cutter's Bayside in Seattle.  I am sure the bar had a good night, as we closed the place down. 

Cindy (Canfield) Borgen, Greg Patterson and Ingrid Schaffer.

Dave Rhett, Eric Edenholm, Ingrid Schaffer and Kurt Frost.


Janet (Vosper) Armstrong, Greg Borgen and  Vanessa...

Ted Bushee.


Jenni Kane, Scott Nickell and Lori (Moe) Hansen.

Mark Bussell and Greg Armstrong.

Scott Anderson

Scott Nickell and Lisa (Quinn) Bergman.

Steve Carow.