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"Bengoria Asian Tabu of SkyeHi"

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      A Bengal is a domestic cat with a very exotic look and coat pattern. Often referred to as a "lap leopard" the Bengal was derived from early cross breeding of an Asian Leopard Cat and a domestic short haired tabby. The original off spring of these early crossings were used as foundation cats and were the beginning of the Bengal of today, which is to be four generations removed from the ALC to be considered a domestic.  
       While there are still a lot of foundation cats, most Bengals result from Bengal to Bengal breeding. These forth generation cats and there off spring can be registered and shown with TICA (The International Cat Association), ACFA (American Cat Fanciers Association),UFO (United Feline Organization) and a few other Cat Associations. Bengal breeders and enthusiast have put a lot of work into developing the Bengal and having it accepted by these organizations. Go to one of there shows and you will see great examples of the Bengal cat. TIBCS, The International Bengal Cat Society is the home of the Bengal cat. All Bengal lovers and owners should join up for membership. With your membership you will receive the Bengal Bulletin which is a wealth of knowledge for Bengal lovers of all sorts, whether a beginner or an old timer. TIBCS is not a registry, you do not have to own a Bengal to be a member. If you want to learn all that there is about the Bengal, TIBCS is for you.  
       The Bengal is a fun loving, easy going, intensely curious cat with a touch (did I say touch?) of mischief. Not only will you fall in love with the Bengal, but you will be forever entertained and awed by their purrsonality.

      Enjoy your visit to my webpage. I try to keep all information current and updated on my pages.

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Boo welcomes the new pup ~Jazzmin~