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Hello my name is KAREN REX aka BAYOU QUEEN. I was born in New Orleans, Louisiana but now live in Yakima Washington. I am married to Mike aka JAVAMAN. We met on the net over a year ago and we are now married(APRIL 11, 1998). We have 4 children between us,Matthew, Melissa,Michelle and Johnathon. We also have 2 grandchildren: Chase who is 2 and Brianna who will be 1. They are our joy. WE NOW HAVE A BEAUTIFUL NEW GRANDDAUGHTER HER NAME IS MICHAELA KARIN We have met so many wonderful and true friends on the net. Green Eyed Lady,Kandy and G-Force,Vampira, ,Vampira,Dawnielle,Force Cin-Cin (thanks for helping me with this),Patrick, Dan1,Bashful,Chasemor,Fireman CeCe,kbob,schoony,sissi,Phantom,Jess,Strawberry Pac,Peaches,,Sunny,Suzy Q,Sue, Cody,8 track,yeolehippie,nation and Desert Warrior,REMY,ORCA,YELLOW DUCK,MY SPECIAL THE GODCHILD, clone,snuggle bunny and crip,THE Ita.Phyton(HA) AND FOXY(SORRY ABOUT THAT) Thanks everyone for always being there and for your friendship and love. I sure hope that I haven't left anyone out because I would hate to hurt anyones feelings. PLEASE,DON'T FORGET TO SIGN MY GUESTBOOK!!

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The Best of the Best

Mike & I on our Wedding Day