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Based on Gason Leroux's novel of the same name, the musical is about a chorus girl turned star (Christine Daae), her admirer/benefactor (Erik, the Phantom of the Opera), and Raoul, Christine's love. The Phantom of the Opera sabotages the theatre to ensure Christine of a leading role in the opera company. He draws her to his underground lair and tries to induce her to love him. She spurns him and falls in love with Raoul. The jealous Phantom wreaks havoc and kidnaps Christine. Raoul and company follow them and a showdown between Raoul and the Phantom ensues.

Vital Stats

Famous Songs

Original Actors and Actresses


Some of the songs, such as "Angel of Music", were originally intended for Aspects of Love.
The stage makeup for the Phantom takes three hours to put on.
Over a hundred candles rise from their own little trap doors in the Phantom's lair.

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