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Andrew Lloyd Webber

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This page is designed to be a resource for those who love the theatre and music of Andrew Lloyd Webber almost as much as I do.
You'll find summaries, a brief biography, links and more (like all about to find out more about the man behind the blockbuster musicals.
(as well as learning about the musicals themselves)
It is my opinion that Andrew Lloyd Webber has done much to further the musical theatre industry in his lifetime.
Along with unique and well-written music, he has increased knowledge of theatre and an appreciation for the arts.

Summary of the listed musical along with pictures, anecdotes/facts, and list of famous songs.

A brief biography of Andrew Lloyd Webber's life and works, a timeline of events, and recent news.

This page contains a poll of your favorite musical, performers, and which shows you have seen.

A list of links to other musical pages and also much loved actors and actresses.

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