The page that says it all

"Stature and appearance have nothing to do with the depth of one's heart.
Learn to see inside, and you learn who actually lives there."

If you have made it to this page, then you are more than likely a friend who will, or already does, know more about me then my family of flesh and blood, or my friends and neighbors who know nothing of the real world.
I have chosen to keep my local friends and family in the dark because I do not believe them capable of understanding these things. Vampires, Werecreatures, Elves, Dragons, Gryphons, Sidhe, Fairy, Fae, Witches, Wiccans, Angels..... anything and everything that others think only fantasy, myth, legend. These things I believe in, and growing up have kept the truth alive in me, unknowingly keeping my mind open to the fact that I am one of them.

Yes, I am Other. I first thought myself Gryphon (the forefront and wings of a beautiful eagle, and the hind of a lion. My feathers were Royal Blue and Purple with Ice Blue interspersed) but I know I am something other. Something that is a combination of Angel-like and Dragon, not as one form, but as two. I've had dreams about being gryphon, one I will continue to remember because it was so intense. Unknown to me at the time of the dream, the feathered, winged, catlike creature was me. I hardly knew what a Gryphon was when I had that dream, but now, I definately know.
But, I've had memories of my true self, my First coming to existance (found on my webpage in the stories section) and that is a feeling that has never wavered since realized. Even when my spouse doubts it, I still feel it.

So, what have I to say about myself? Not much as far as I can tell.
First off, what I am. I am Dragongenal (made that up), plain and simple. I am Dragon, soaring the skies and water. I am angel, walking the land to protect, heal and guide. I am Water, it flows through me. I am Fire. It warms me, warms my water, brightens my light, a small part of me, but I cannot deny it's being there. I try to guide people through hard times, and try to let them see what is good. I am a Healer. The wounds of the mind are the hardest to mend, and I am not skilled in this way. I heal broken links in the mind. I open closed doors with questions that search the mind. I see how things are going with you, and try to guide your way. Some things I say sound so cliche, but I would rather sound vague, then feel the fool if what I feel/see is wrong. I have no control over when these things will come to me, or with whom, but it happens. I try to make no claim that my words are the absolute truth, for things change. Sometimes I say things that I have no idea where they came from, but it had to be said. Call me a liar if you wish, or a fool. A crazy, insane person. But I know what I see, I know what I feel, and I try to pass that on to those it means the most to.
On a lighter note, I LOVE to draw. I enjoy reading sci-fi fantasy, I love listening to others talk and watching kids play in the park -- they are so innocent -- I just love to Observe. Observe, take note, and put my two sense worth in when the words arise. HERE is picture of me and my flowing energies that I was able to draw one night.

Here is a list of links I have collected for those who want to look further into the unknown. Enjoy!!
You must remember that all these sites are written in the view of the webmaster or webmistress who created them. But this is REAL, people. You may not see it by just looking at people around you, and that is because it is in the soul. Not everything on the pages below I agree with, but these are things other people live and see everyday of their lives. If you have trouble accepting it, then maybe you should continue on through my harmless website by clicking HERE.


Other Creatures

ORC the Otherkin Resource Center
A nice site with a collection of Otherkin descriptions.

A collection of Elvenlore and other things.

Shadow's Den of the Supernatural
An informative page with some good information.

Gryphons, Griffins, Gryphons
An interesting site. Though much of it I do not agree with, it is only one of many sights that describe Gryphons.

Plenty of these I noticed

Sanguinarius: The Vampire Support Page
Just what it says. I enjoyed going through this site.

Nocturnal Visions
Frames. This is a recent updated version of the old site (next link).
Nocturnal Visions
No Frames. This is the first link I found them with. This page is very informative as to the different types of vampires and many definitions for different terms. This was an intriguing site to go through.

Living Vampires Home Page
Another collection of Vampiric information and more good reading.

SphynxCat's Real Vampire Page
Yet more Vampiric information.


Wicca, Wiccans, and Magik
A nice collection of Wiccan pages. Check em out.

More collections of links pertaining to the site's name.

I nice site to look through.

WitchWare Catalog
Nice collection of things a practicing witch/wicca might need.

Other Information

Celestial Byways
Angels abide here.

Encyclopedia Mythica
A wide collection of myths, fables, legends. Nice.

Egyptian Gods Summaries
A text based summary of many of the Egyptian gods, if not all. A few links are on the page.

Magalithic Mysteries
Collection of pictures and descriptions of the mysteries of the world.

On the Orign of the World
One veiw of the what was there before chaos.

UFO's, Aliens and AntiChrist: The Angelic Conspiricy & End times Deception
Since I haven't even started reading this one, I'll let you be the judge of what this site contains.

If any sites I have posted are double links, just email me. Thanks. I may add more later, but right now, I think this is enough.
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