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Blizzard Games Ring Homepage.

Zen's Blizzard Games Page
This webring is for pages that are based on games made by Blizzard Entertainment, a company that made some of the best-selling games on the market today. They include: the WarCraft Series, Diablo, StarCraft, and the recently released Brood War Expansion for StarCraft. You are welcome to join this ring as long as your page has Blizzard related games on it. Please keep in mind that I, the Ringmaster of this webring, am able to delete and/or prevent any page from joining this webring. This webring and page is not affiliated with StarCraft, Diablo, WarCraft II, Blizzard Entertainment, nor Battle.Net.
To join just follow the steps below:
First Step
-Signing up.

Second Step
-Getting the HTML Code.

Third Step
-Email me after you have inserted the HTML into your page. Remember you are NOT in until I add you so do not forget this step.