Will's Skateboarding Page
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Will's Skateboarding Page

Hi welcome to my Skateboarding page. I hope you like it, this is my first website. I've been skating for about a year now and I have grown to like it. I ride birdhouse decks, thunder trucks, and spitfire wheels. Anyway, I've got some pretty cool stuff around here, I've got some pics of skaters, Some Videos, some tips on how to do tricks, some pics and reviews ofboards, also a list of places to skate in aussie and more about me. New Chat Page... click below to chat with other skaters from around globe at Will's Skate Chat! This place is currently under construction. To see an updated version of each page try pressing reload.You can just plain e-mail me if you want, so enjoy!

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My Page... pictures, videos, places to skate, about me, Reviews of Boards, Chat!

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