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The Great Siberian Explosion

The following is an excerpt from UFOs: A Scientific Inquiry by Christopher Montgomery. He takes a hard look at how complete and thorough the government's attempts have been to silence this truth about a UFO, convincing even our top scientists that this was merely a comet. Montgomery explodes this case wide open (as is his style). He brings forth eyewitness accounts of this intelligently controlled craft that were made just moments before its explosion in a remote part of Mother Russia. Once again, he has exposed the core of truth about this highly controversial subject.


In "Micrometeorites of Anti-matter," the Condon Committee re-examines a well-documented case, which originated in TUNGUSKA, USSR in 1908. Altschuler identifies the object, which caused an explosion that rivals a nuclear device, as a "bolide," or meteor. Proponents of the extraterrestrial vehicle hypothesis have debated this for years, and it remains one of the greatest unsolved UFO cases to date. The object remains unidentified, because there is too much empirical evidence to suggest that a micrometeorite would not be capable of this magnitude of destructive force. Most of the data which Altschuler offers has already been published innumerable times, and I don't feel that I will present that. He does offer luminosity characteristics that are of some value, and I will give this documentation as an adjunct to the energy generation capabilities of the UFO. The explosion of this object gave the radiance of a thermonuclear detonation. "The energy released by the Tunguska bolide is estimated between 10 to the 16th power joules and 10 to the 17TH power joules," according to Altschuler. This is the energy range of a hydrogen bomb! (IBID, page 746)

A Joule is "a unit of energy, equal to the work done when 1 ampere is passed through a resistance of 1 ohm for 1 second." (The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language)

What is truly incredible, is that this object had qualities, which parallel those of a meteorite streaking through our atmosphere. But that is where the similarities end. Altschuler vacillates when he writes: "At present, measurements made during meteor events (of the dust ball variety) give no indication of significant radio emission. Magnetic effects," he says, "are insignificant." Yet the Tunguska event had all of these qualities. The explosion in Tunguska was a fact. It was measured at Irkutsk Magnetic and Meteorological Observatory on a seismograph.


One issue that Altschuler fails to address is that this alleged "comet" changed course several times before the explosion. He fails to address the eyewitness accounts which describe a cigar shaped object, which seemed to alter its course several times, apparently to direct it away from populated areas. This would indicate some form of deliberate, intelligent control. He does not touch upon the extraterrestrial control hypothesis, but seems to avoid this issue entirely. He is aware that the object created an air burst, which is estimated to have occurred, by whatever means, 3km above the ground. When scientists went to the site several years later, it was discovered that the force of the blast came from above. The blast pattern forced trees below into a fan shaped pattern. This would suggest that the energy from the explosion went ahead of the object. Other peculiar evidence was found at the site, including rare earth elements such as germanium,* a byproduct of the explosion. This is not a common element found in meteors, but is used in electronic applications. The area where the explosion occurred was devoid of an impact crater, a characteristic of a bolide, not this particular object.

He does theorize that the blast was the cause of a particle of anti-matter coming into contact with a particle of matter. There is no evidence to support this theory of nuclear volatility between matter and anti-matter. Altschuler wrote that scientists who had visited the site near the Tunguska River had concluded, "the Tunguska meteor was probably not composed of anti-matter." My theory will show that matter and anti-matter are in a constant state of interaction. (I will present my Electro-Gravitational hypothesis later in another book). The comet theory, he says, was his "best guess."

 Ionization of the atmosphere had occurred during and after the explosion, which was seen by many eyewitnesses. It was compared to the brightness of the sun. The visibility range of this effect was estimated to be between 70 and 100km in diameter surrounding the air burst. Strange, "luminous clouds" turned night into day for some. The observatory at Irkutsk reported this effect, as did "Europe and western Siberia…the nature of these luminous clouds is still a matter of debate." (IBID, pages 746-748)

 At the epicenter of the blast cone, many trees remained standing.

 The concussion generated by the blast was heard as far as 1,000km away.

 Barometric waves circled the globe.

 Magnetic disturbances were reported on several continents.

 A blast effect very similar to a nuclear explosion, including intense heat, extreme force and a radioactive cloud.

 Trees remained upright at the epicenter. Trees showed evidence of intense charring on the blast side, whereas the shadow side of the trunk was not too terribly affected.

 The blast energy was estimated at 10 to the 28th ergs, a unit of energy. That is 10 with 28 zeros after it.

This event made the front page of The DAILY EXPRESS newspaper, in England. The blast occurred on June 30, 1908 at 7:00 am. Not knowing what caused this unusual event, the newspaper published a story entitled “WEIRD EFFECTS OF THE TROPICAL WEATHER; Tennis at 10 PM; Blazing Sunshine and Many Deaths.” In the article published by THE TIMES of London, states-

“The extraordinary occurrence of night trains running over the Grampion hills without lights took place for the first time on record.”

A reader wrote in that “I myself was aroused from sleep at 1:15 AM and so strong was the light at this hour that I could read a book by it in my chamber quite comfortably. At 1:45 the whole sky, N and NE was a vibrant salmon pink, and the birds began their matutinal song.” Photographs had been taken, which showed an eerie light coming from the area of Tunguska, USSR. This strange cloud didn’t dissipate like a nuclear device would. “What people mistook for the Aurora Borealis lit up the entire east-coast.”

The Royal Meteorological Society had recorded an extreme shock in southern England at 5:00 AM and reported evidence that an “air blast” had traveled “twice around the world.” This was more evidence that it was not a comet, nor would a bolide for that matter. Even if it had been an experimental atomic bomb detonation, the effects of this mysterious event would still rival those in use today.

Leonid Kulik led the first expedition to the epicenter of the Tunguska UFO event in March of 1927. The terrain and conditions were so severe, that they had to return for a second try in April of 1928…about one year later.

This second expedition led by Kulik was now better equipped to tackle the extreme obstacles, which they would encounter. The expedition and their supplies took the train across Siberia on the Trans Siberian Railway. Arriving in Tayshet, they left the railway and headed up the Angara River with only their supplies, pack animals and a few river- boats. Traversing the Tiger was made more difficult by the winter thaw.

When they arrived at Vanavara, Monguls greeted them at the trading post. They still had vivid memories of the Tunguska explosion 20 years later. The locals were mostly trappers and fur traders, and they knew the area well. They agreed to act as guides for the next leg of their journey despite the fact that the locals still viewed this area with terror. (AC Clarke’s MYSTERIOUS WORLD television documentary)

There is a legend amongst locals that a cigar-shaped object had been seen heading west towards the blast zone. It had changed course several times, before it finally exploded over this remote area that is called Tunguska. In UFO CHRONICLES OF THE SOVIET UNION, Vallee writes: “Some people saw it move from west to east, but it seemed to reverse its course just before impact…That seems to suggest a purposeful maneuver, I pointed out, remembering that a Professor Zigel had used this argument in his lectures.” (Vallee, page 72)

Baxter and Atkins write that an object which had ‘carried out a maneuver’ at the time of the impact. The object was described as ‘an artificial flying craft from some other planet.’ Furthermore, the authors point out that “any sizable object, such as a spacecraft, acquires a luminous plasma coating that causes it to glow like a meteor with a brilliant whit-hot radiance.” This “remarkable cylindrical object” had caused an “elliptically-shaped atomic blast in 1908.” (Atkins and Baxter, OpCit page 128)

As the expedition neared the blast zone, they began to catch a glimpse of the vast area of devastation. The thick, Siberian taiga had been flattened. The trees were toppled for as far as the eye could see. New trees, silent sentinels to the event, had begun to grow-up amongst the devastation. They team had to fight their way through 60 miles of flattened forest and tangled growth, which took many days. (AC Clarke OpCit).

The expedition had discovered that nearly some as yet unknown force had flattened 1,000 square miles of the taiga forest. It wasn’t until many years later that they would learn that the blast pattern was in a fan shape. This would suggest that an airburst had occurred nearly 5 miles above the earth, as well as the dispersion of the blast energy wave upon detonation. Vallee says that there was a standing forest at the epicenter. He documents some important statistics concerning the force and energy of the blast in UFO CHRONICLES OF THE SOVIET UNION.


The team of explorers found a swamp in the heart of the blast zone. The swamp was drained. But they did not find an impact crater, but more tree stumps which still remained remarkably intact. This data clearly refutes the comet/meteor theory. There was absolutely no evidence of a meteor impact. My research has not produced any conclusive evidence to support the comet/bolide theory. Yet this remains the most popular theory amongst mechanistic science today. Just because something doesn’t fly with the status quo, doesn’t mean it isn’t so. You can’t create something out of nothing.

“The Tunguska explosion took place in the air. There exists only two possibilities for such an explosion. Either it came from an internal energy source in the body, or the natural energy by its movement. I believe it was a nuclear explosion from an artificially made object...There is certainly some new type of radiation here. The explosion of a cosmic body has produced this new type of radiation field on the ground, at the center of the blast.” – ALEXIS ZOLOTOV, (Soviet Academician)


Kulik died in the battle of Moscow. It wasn’t until many years later that a third expeditionary team was dispatched from Moscow. Their efforts produced substantial information to add to the database. “Several mutated species of insects” were found near ground zero. They selected trees that somehow survived the mysterious explosions. They’d found a “dramatic increase in growth after 1908.” This affect also appeared in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. (AC Clarke’s MYSTERIOUS WORLDtelevision documentary).

Vallee documents some important statistics concerning the force and energy of the blast. Vallee writes that there was a standing forest at the epicenter, very much like the after affect of the Hiroshima/Nagasaki A-bomb blast. The Russians had suspected that there had been an airburst, estimated to be between 5 meters in the air. The Russians did experiments to try and determine which type of blast would generate this type of fan-shaped pattern at ground zero, Tunguska. Their simulation produced results, which were nearly identical to those found in Tunguska’s taiga forest. This served to only deepen the mystery. (Vallee, UFO CHRONICLES OF THE SOVIET UNION, page 62-73).

“Right up to the present time we have been investigating certain geophysical and biological affects, which are not observed when normal meteorites fall. In particular, the genetic pattern has been violated. These violation has been seen in certain species in plants and in particular in pine trees.” –NIKOLAI BASILIO (AC Clarke’s Mysterious World OP CIT)

Small, glass-like globules were also found. They contained material, which could be found in outer space, but also here on earth. Such materials could suggest a possible link to the comet hypothesis. These materials could be found on Earth as well as outer space. They include silica, hydrocarbons, some methane and rare earth germanium, used in electronics. In their book THE FIRE CAME BY, John Baxter and Thomas Atkins had written about these mysterious artifacts:

“Later Soviet expedition discovered in the Tunguska soil thousands of tiny magnetite globules formed by the heat of the explosion. These magnetized iron oxide spheres, perhaps of extraterrestrial origin, were believed by some analysts to be the only remaining fragments of the cosmic object that caused the blast.

"Also found in the Tunguska soil were numerous globules of silicate in small, glassy droplets or bulbs. In some instances, a particle of iron was found inside a silicate globule: the tremendous heat of the explosion had caused them to coalesce, like the congealed particles of trinitite found in 1945 at the atomic site at Alamagordo, New Mexico. Many scientists were convinced that the particles imbedded in the Tunguska soil did not come from any know natural cosmic body.” –THE FIRE CAME BY (Plates).

Vallee asked Zolotov “is there any way to establish the exact speed?” Zolotov replied “‘The velocity must be in the range of three to eighteen miles per second…What we observe is destruction caused by the conversion of kinetic energy, which is measured by mass multiplied by the square of the speed, into light and thermal energy.’” From Zolotov’s calculations, the speed had to be “about three miles per second, over 10,000 miles per hour.” The effect of a bolide of such mass and speed would form a crater “sixty miles” wide. One example of this would be the meteor crater in the Canyon Diablo in Arizona. Yet, a crater was never found. This suggests that whatever hit Tunguska was not a meteor. (Vallee, OpCit)

Carl Sagan and others have suggested the comet theory. Vallee says that the Comet theory does not explain the 60 miles of destruction. Furthermore, the comet would have left significant, tell tale traces of its existence, which were never recovered after dozens of visits to the site. The average speed of comets that have been studied would suggest that the level of destruction documented at Tunguska was greater than that any comet could create.

“We don’t see how the speed of the comet at the time of impact could have exceeded a few miles per second, and that is insufficient to provide the energy figures. Furthermore, the comet would have left tell-tale traces, metals minerals, even if was primarily composed of ice, which would have melted away.” -MARTINE(Vallee, IBID)

The antimatter theory is interesting, but doesn’t work. The explosion would have had to happen when the black hole hit the upper atmosphere, where a significant amount of matter could impact the pocket of antimatter. Therefore, the evidence suggests that this was clearly not the case. Why do scientists embrace these empty theories, when the evidence strongly suggests that the object was an extraterrestrial spacecraft?

The trajectory of any object travelling at such speeds must be very precise. If the UFO had entered the atmosphere at too shallow an angle, it would have bounced of the atmosphere like a stone can be made to skip over water. If the angle were to sharp, it would have burned up upon reentry. This also indicates intelligent control of the object. “To make a successful entry through the dense air blanket surrounding our planet, a spacecraft must maintain a precise flight angle of minus 6.2 degrees to the horizon.” (Baxter and Atkins, OpCit page 128)

My calculations of the electromagnetic spectrum indicate that matter and antimatter are in a constant state of mutual particle interaction. It is the black to the white, the yin to the yang and negative to the positive. Science has not advanced to the point where they can grasp this concept. If only they would pull their hands out of the pocket of government funding projects. Perhaps then they could finally be free to explore the world of science as the pioneers they should be.

FOR FURTHER STUDY: Research Institute on Anomalous phenomenon
UFOs: A SCIENTIFIC INQUIRY; Christopher Montgomery
THE FIRE CAME BY by Atkins and Baxter
MYSTERIOUS WORLD Television Documentary Series by AC CLARKE

* Addendum: Dr. Rubtsov refutes the claim that Germanium was part of the evidence. Other rare earth materials were recovered, however.