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The "Nephilem" research by Christopher Montgomery; The following material was gleaned from the message board on our web site. This data was in regards to a post on our Bulletin Board message system. Re: Jeff Behnke's Aug 4/99 Article "Book of Enoch;"
From: oliver obad;
Date: 10:42 pm Wednesday August 11, 1999
"The Historic Apocrypha":The Book of Enoch by Jeff Behnke mentions that in Genesis 6:4 "...the Nephilim...."

I have the New King James version(1982) and I checked that reference. There's no mention of "Nephilim". Can you tell me which Bible you're using? Or, are you mixing the story by Zacharia Sitchin with the text of the Bible? What gives?

Re: The Nephil
FROM: Christopher 3:06 pm
DATE: Saturday August 14, 1999
In response to the last post from;
This message notes that they could not find "nephilem" in the KJV version of this copy of the Bible.

Nephilem is the Hebrew word for "giants."* The Bible states "There were giants in those days..." in Genesis 6. This is interpreted as being the evil offspring of the sons of God by most. My personal interpretation is that the "nephilem" was a word used to mean the dinosaurs. There is evidence that man walked with the dinosaurs, indicated by the archeological evidence.

One possible example of this is found in Somerville, Texas. These man tracks are found next to dinosaur tracks in the riverbeds there. The mud has since solidified, or petrified into solid rock. The footprints of this humanoid may be extraterrestrial but could also be homo sapiens. The footprints are grossly exagerated, as one would expect from the erosion by hydraulic action. This would be overlooked by some, and used as further evidence to support their Biblical distortions that nephilem were the offspring of the sons of God.

The nephilem is what this author considers to be just another Biblical distortion, overlooked by Behnke but noted here. It is the scholars rationalization that the sons of God were fallen angels, which is substantiated by the interpretation that the nephilem were their evil offspring. This, I believe, conflicts with the continuity of the Biblical texts. The Bible specifically states that the product of the union between the "daughters of men" and the "sons of God" were "men of old, men of renown." (See "sons of God" in the HISTORICAL APOCRYPHA found at the following web page on our main site: "UFOs and the Holy Bible," and click on "The Sons of God," under the Historic Apocrypha.
- Christopher Montgomery

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