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The circular evidence presents hard evidence of a UFO event. If we can tie crop formations into other landing site data, then they can be directly associated to the UFO phenomenon. Therefore, the evidence would suggest a real, solid object interacting within our time/space continuum.


"Crop Circle Investigated in USA"

UFORC shares one viewpoint from an organization named CAUS, meaning Citizens Against UFO Secrecy. CAUS has the full sopport of the staff at the UFO Resource Center. We will begin with an introduction by the Director of CAUS, Peter Gersten:

"...CAUS shares with you an interesting report of one person's awe when in the presence of a planetary pictogram. Now if we only knew what they meant...what wonders we might learn. It is the opinion of CAUS, that the second best evidence of our contact (PCEs being the first) with this other form of intelligence is these amazing planetary pictograms commonly referred to as crop circles. CAUS believes that it is perfectly reasonable to assume that an advanced intelligence would communicate with us, not through primitive and limited SETI methods, but through a means that would assure that their messages would be shared and studied by all the people...not just the powers that be. A form of communication that also allows the sender-intelligence to evaluate the level of development of the receiver-life form by their ability to acknowledge and decipher the encrypted messages.

UFORC thanks CAUS and Lindy Baumann *snip* for this report:

"About a month ago, a crop circle formation appeared in Brentwood, Tennessee, which is just a few miles south of Nashville. Since I am intensely interested in UFO's and related phenomenon, including crop circles, I jumped at the chance to experience this first hand. This is my account of the journey, my first foray into the world of crop circles, and I hope you enjoy it.

"My Crop Circle Initiation As another hot, steamy southern day dawned, this seeker of knowledge began her quest. Assembling the tools needed to accomplish the goal I had set for myself, I loaded the camera, measuring tape, modern recording devices (paper and pen), and two assorted kids into the steely steed and began the journey. Having only a newspaper article to map my path, I fought my way through thirty-two miles of traffic, construction work, and increasing southern heat, as my mind leaped ahead to what I was about to experience. Wondering if the knights of old on their quests for the Holy Grail felt as excited as I did, I approached the exit listed in my vaguely printed guide and began to narrow my search. How I would love to say I homed in on my longed-for objective with unerring accuracy, but alas, that was not to be! For here I was, SURROUNDED by fields! Ahhh, which one, which one? Finally, after many false turns, and after retracing my way many times, I calmed my anxiously yearning heart, and listened. At that moment, I knew, just KNEW, which field it was! Without a moment's hesitation, I parked my steely steed in a space seemingly made to order, collected my camera, measuring tape, modern recording devices (paper and pen), and my two assorted kids, and began my final approach to this wondrous Holy Grail... Confirmation was only moments away, as I found the next landmark--the footpath through the field! Following the path, grasshoppers leaping all around, the sun beating down mercilessly, I and my two assorted kids finally came upon the most amazing masterpiece we had ever experienced, for laid out before us was life and death personified. The intricate pattern of counterclockwise plants that were browned and desiccated covered the entire surface, while lush, living, green plants grew unconcernedly within and throughout the circles. Each laid-down stalk appeared to have been individually and precisely placed. Comparing the layout of the circle stalks to those on the path I had just traveled, the difference was unmistakable, for where human presence had callously crushed the plants underfoot to make a way, there was no order or symmetry to the crushed stalks. But within the mystic designs themselves, it was ALL symmetry! At this point, the two assorted kids began to come in handy, as I placed them at different points and started snapping off treasured photos of this mystical shape. Positioning them at different ends of the masterpiece, I attempted to capture a sense of the size of these various designs. Using the measuring tape, we obtained various rough measurements of the different patterns, and my son recorded them using our modern recording devices (paper and pen). For over two hours, we took pictures, measured, and marveled over this majestic piece of artwork, while in the distance modern technological marvels zoomed unnoticing on their way. Even the two assorted kids were awestruck by the experience, which is incredible in itself! Finally, the time came to, sadly, leave this amazing, perhaps once in a lifetime experience, as the realities of heat stroke threatened one and all experiencers. Packing away the camera, measuring tape, and modern recording devices (paper and pen), I and my two assorted kids quietly, reverently, made our way back to our steely steed, longing for the modern technological relief of air conditioning, but taking with us a memory that will last all of us a lifetime. No doubt--I have been fully initiated into the marvelous world of crop circles!"

UFORC thanks CAUS for bringing us this report)

This was a post that appears on the SIGHTINGS newsgroups bulletin board. It involves the circular evidence, further proof of the existence of UFOs:

Date: 7/9/99
Title: The Crop Circle Debate by Christopher Montgomery
To add to the debate, there are two types of crop circles. Those that have an unknown but likely human origin and those that are uniquely genuine. There is one simple test that you can do to determine which category any given crop circle may fall into.

To add to the debate, there are two types of crop circles. Those that have an unknown but likely human origin and those that are uniquely genuine. There is one simple test that you can do to determine which category any given crop circle may fall into.

1. Faked Circle; One of the easiest ways to tell is to examine the stalk of the cereal plant. IF IT IS A FAKE, the stalks will show signs of mechanical damage. I.e.- the stalks will break and show evidence of that.

2. Genuine Crop Circle; These are easy to identify, because there is one common thread which links them all together. The nodes on the stalk of the cereal plant will show signs of bursting as if heated by some form of radii. I theorize that Mw of centimeter wavelengths (and their harmonics) are responsible, due to the way that the stalks of the plant are energized.

The cereal plant stalks will be heated and bent over, with a minimal amount of breakage. This is not humanly possible, as it would take a radiant Em coil of tremendous proportions to achieve this feat.

Large chunks of soil are pulled from these circles, and deposited some distance away from the actual circles themselves. The soil will show signs of electromagnetic dehydration, more evident as days pass by. Their isn't any set pattern to the lay of the crops, and patterns formed can get quite elaborate.

3. There is a theory that the crop circle phenomenon is caused by shallow root systems of the cereal crop. This is because they have been planted over neolithic sites, preventing the plants from having sufficient root to sustain their top growth. They topple over, and form the circle.

4. Another possible scenario is the Earth Light Theory, which postulates that the crop circle formation is formed by whirling plasma energy, somehow generated by the earth's field of energy, possible from tectonic strain.

Another possible explanation that should be considered here, are jets and sprites. This magnificent-eruptions from the negatively charged surface of the Earth reach up to the upper atmosphere and seem to connect to the magnetosphere. As they erupt from the earth, these spiraling vortices of plasma energy leave a crop circle in their wake.

In respect to the plasma energy theory, UFORC has received an interesting report that may actually link crop circles to the UFO phenomenon. We had received this report through the UFO grapevine on July 13, 1999. The case which follows has some fascinating characteristics, in that it also links the paranormal to the UFO phenomenon, another aspect of this phenomenon that must be considered when we examine this critical piece of research concerning this matter.

UFORC thanks CAUS for this crop circle commentary:

"CAUS shares with you an interesting report about the most logical and realistic form of contact between intelligent These worldwide planetary pictograms created on the surface of the planet for all of us to see and hopefully understand appear to be an obvious attempt at contact from an intelligence that understands the art of interspecies communication. Fascinating that people more intelligent than I continue to ridicule and debunk these mysterious messages."

UFORC thanks CAUS and Ron *snip* for this report:

"Dutch eyewitness says two crop circles created by pink-purple light. 6/9/99 Hoeven, Holland" -
I have received a report from Europe about an extraordinary event: an eyewitness to the creation of two crop circles in Hoeven, a southern Holland farm community about 90 minutes from Amsterdam. It was early Monday morning, June 7th at about 12:15 am. This is the first formation in Holland this year. A 19-year-old named Robert woke up and felt compelled to look out his bedroom window.

UFORC Research Notes: The following data represents evidence of PLASMA DISTRIBUTION CONCEPTS, WAVEGUIDE DATA, Mw SIGNATURES.

1). What happened next was phoned to me by Nancy Talbot, director of the BLT crop circle research team in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Nancy has worked with biophysicist W.C. Revenged in Michigan for the past several years to analyze plants from formations in Europe, Israel, Australia, Canada and the U.S. Levengood hypothesizes that plants in some sampled formations were affected by a spinning plasma vortex that contains microwave energies. The microwaves heat plant cells, softening and collapsing the stems into the fluid patterns we have come to associate with genuinely mysterious formations. But Levengood does not know the source of the spinning plasma vortex. This eyewitness in Holland has now seen two different phenomena associated with the creation of fresh formations which suggests there might be different mechanisms for different patterns.

Interview: Nancy Talbot, director, BLT crop circle research team, Cambridge, Massachusetts: "This is in southern Holland - and it's concerning again this boy, Robert, who has the ability somehow to know when these things are getting ready to happen and who has been in the middle of a formation when it occurred - this was a couple of years ago. And subsequently, there has been a lot of crop circle activity around where he lives. And Sunday night - actually for several days - the entire weekend, he was having these anxiety feelings that he gets, pacing back>and forth, feeling unwell physically which is a phenomenon that occurs prior to one of these situations. And his parents insisted that he go to bed finally Sunday evening, which he did. They in fact checked on him before they went to bed and he was sound asleep. But what happened is that at 12:15, he woke up and knew to go to the window. He opened the curtains and looked out. His window overlooks this little garden out back and this huge farm field which is directly behind their garden


2. And what he saw is just incredible! He describes a small, misty, pinkish-purple light - not a sphere, more football shaped - and a little bit smaller than a football, which was coming in over the field at a height of about 10 feet, maybe 12 feet over the field from quite a distance away. It's quite an enormous field. He watched it as it came closer and closer and closer to this spot that is about 50 meters behind his house. And this is where one of the snow circles occurred a couple of years ago. There was a circle in mustard seed there last spring. He's had a couple of circles in other crops in that general area. came right back to this area and stopped - the word he used was "hanging" - just stopped in the air and hung over this spot.


3).Then, it started to elongate, spread out is the easiest way to describe it - and it apparently spread out and spread out becoming thinner and thinner looking like a disc, was then how he described it. When it was about 30 feet in diameter, again, still hanging there - not moving at all except for this expanding motion - then he observed what he calls (Nancy makes sh, sh, sh sound) in Dutch for electrical discharge. He and I have these signals we give back and forth because he doesn't speak English too well and I don't speak Dutch at all. And what he means is that he watched electrical discharges coming from the underside of this disc-shaped, misty, pinkish-purple cloud or ball of light for -- I would gather -- it sounded like six or seven, eight, maybe ten seconds immediately over the field. Then the light phenomenon simply dissipated, was gone. he was very excited, threw on some clothes and went running out the back and squeaked through the hedge and into the field and lo' and behold, right smack where that thing had been was a 30 foot diameter circle - I think it's wheat. They say grain and I'm not sure which kind of grain they mean. And a 10 foot circle very near by, both of which had not been there at 10 o'clock PM when he went to bed. It's still light in Holland at 10 and you can see out whether it was there and it wasn't. And here they were. Q. Did it disappear, fade out or what? As best as I could get it, the electrical activity stopped and then it just like poof! Q. And now what's the time lapse between that poofing out and their discovering the circles? Well, he went immediately - he literally took about 5 minutes to throw on some clothes. He was in the field within 10 minutes, I would say, and there it was. He said he could see it from his window after this light had gone. He could see there was at least one circle, and he thought there were two - and they were in fact there. And it looks like the whole situation - as it was coming in from way in the distance - that might have taken a minute or so to get up near his windows. But once it was there, everything that happened subsequently didn't take longer than another minute - the spreading out and then the discharge of whatever this was, and the whole thing happening. Q. Did he hear any sound whatsoever as this transforming took place? He didn't comment on sound. I think he would have commented if he heard anything, but he didn't mention. What he did say was that when he got in it, he felt this very strong energy and it was very positive, he said. "love, love, love!" Q. In the circles? In the circles. This wonderful surge of energy and his parents told me that he came to wake them up after he had been in the circles - he just sort of sat in this big one, I think, for awhile and then he went to tell his parents because he was so excited. They went and looked at it and they said it was remarkable because every time it happens with this kid, he feels very ill. He is not a happy camper at all several days prior to the event. And it was a transformation -- he was full of beans and feeling great and energized and all the illness forgotten completely-- which they've seen happen before. This is very interesting. he was very clear that it was not a UFO. It was a light, a misty, foggy light, and it apparently retained that character, even when it became disc-like looking. In his opinion, it did not look metallic or solid the way I know many of these reports are. In his mind, or to his eyes, it retained this sort of misty character, even when it became disc-shaped rather than football-shaped. Q. So it remained the pink, glowing?

UFORC thanks CAUS, who shares with us "some recent information about our enigmatic planetary pictograms aka crop circles in Canada."

UFORC thanks CAUS and Paul Anderson ( Director of Circles Phenomenon Research Canada for these reports and updates:

July 26, 1999

The first known crop formations in Canada for this year were reported to the main CPR-Canada office (Vancouver, BC) on July 25. Report received from Drew Gauley, Ontario representative for CPR-Canada, after an initial ground inspection. Two pictogram type formations close to Hagersville, Ontario (near Hamilton), reported to the CPR-Ontario office on July 22 by Clynt King, whose brother, Ken, owns the fields.

Hagersville, Ontario #1:
Long 300' complex pictogram in wheat, with circles, rectangle, semi-ring and other pathways along a main axis. Similar to some of the more complex early 90s formations in England.

Hagersville, Ontario #2:
Simple pictogram type formation, about 60 - 70 feet long, in wheat. Two circles connected by various straight and curved pathways. In adjacent field to #1.

Copies of *preliminary* gif diagrams attached ( Paul Anderson, CPR-Canada, based on Drew Gauley's initial fax copies of Clynt King's diagrams). More details when available. Photos and video (both ground and aerial) taken and will be available soon. Reported on local TV news stations. Reportedly first discovered around two weeks ago and subsequently harvested by the farmer, however standing cut wheat is about 6" tall and the flattened formations can still be clearly seen. Arrangements being made to try and get sampling done for BLT. Based on initial descriptions, the larger of the two formations may be the largest and most complex yet seen in this country. Both formations contain elaborate lay patterns and layering of the wheat in various directions (up to four layers deep) and standing tufts of wheat in the centres of some circles.

See also the Circle Phenomena in Canada Report Archive 1999 ( for report updates and additional information as it becomes available.

With fourteen reports in 1998, hopefully these are only the first for this year!

A copy of Drew's initial report follows (July 25):

Hi Paul:

"I have just returned from what appears to be a legitimate formation in Hagersville, Ont (Close to Hamilton). On Thursday I received an email from Clynt King with a basic description. Mike Bird, Mike Devine and myself made it to the site this afternoon. The first pictograph was approx. 300 ft long with symbols along it's central axis. The symbols included separate circles, rectangles, a semi circle and a human looking section. The other site, in an adjoining field, was simpler and smaller in size. Consisting of 2 circles connected by straight or curved pathways. Both patterns showed very interesting lay patterns, although spot checking areas showed only bent stalks. The lay patterns would quite often go in opposing directions, inner circle clockwise outer edge of circle counter. One section exhibited a "cardboard box" lay pattern at an intersection, four different directions one on top of the other. Quite amazing!! I will follow up with a detailed report soon, and I will fax you diagrams even sooner. Video shot while there turned out quite good, I'll also send a vhs dub your way!

"PS: Clynt is going up to do some aerial photo's tomorrow!!

"UPDATE - July 29, 1999
The two formations (in two separate fields) are on the Six Nations Reserve, a Native Indian reservation at New Credit near the town of Hagersville, Ontario (near Hamilton). Additional photos and video taken by helicopter yesterday by Clynt King. Elaborate layering and "braiding" of wheat in both formations. Lay inside one of the circles resembles a "star" pattern as well as overlapping of stalks in places in four layers, in four different directions, like a "folded cardboard box", and crop laid alternately clockwise and counterclockwise within some circles. Some circles also have standing centres, making them more like fat rings than plain circles. A lot of local media and public interest in these formations.

Hagersville, Ontario #1:
Formation is 75' long by 55' wide.

Hagersville, Ontario #2:
Formation is 302' long by 40' wide.

Initial aerial shot of formation #2 attached ( Ivan Bomberry). Note: formations had already been harvested by farmer, but can still be seen in the 6" standing cut crop. Please refer to diagram previously sent (also on web site). Closer aerial and ground photos coming soon.

UPDATE - July 30, 1999

"The investigation and circumstances surrounding the appearance of thetwo new crop formations in Ontario continues to become more interesting.

"I spoke at length this afternoon with Lynda Powless, a Native Indian resident of the Six Nations / New Credit reservation where the formations were found. She is the editor of The Turtle Island News, a local newspaper for residents of the community.

"She described the same elaborate lay patterns in both formations. In virtually all the pathways joining the circles, the crop is "braided"; in the smaller formation, the wheat is flattened in one direction, then a second layer of wheat is flattened over top of this, at a diagonal flow to the pathways themselves. In others, one section of crop flows in one direction along the pathways, then the crop adjacent to this goes in the opposite direction. Very similar to the infamous "4:20" formation at Cando, Saskatchewan in 1998. In one of the circles in the longer formation (the one at the end of the pattern extending at a right angle out from the main part of the formation), the wheat is laid in a "five-pointed star" pattern, where the points of the star are made by "squares of flattened crop laid over top of each other, each angled a bit from the ones next to it to create a star-like outline". Some Hopi Indian elders have also expressed interest in these formations, she said, the "star" lay pattern in particular. At one point along one of the pathways in the smaller formation, the tops of the stalks were "singed or burned". Unfortunately, these have all been picked off by visitors (150 - 200 per day now). She was able, however to get photos of this as well the intricate lay patterns, before all the vistors starting arriving (!). Copies are being forwarded and will be posted as soon as possible.

"Then there are the lights...

"About two weeks ago, she said, some of the residents of the reservation reported seeing two bright lights hovering just above these two (adjacent) fields. Then, on Saturday the 24th, another resident saw, and *photographed*, *three large beams of light like large spotlights*, extending up into the air from the same or nearby field. Does this sound familiar??? (very similar sighting reported in England this summer). The three beams of light then converged into one large beam. Photos were printed I am told in a recent issue of the newspaper, and copies of these as well are being forwarded. Ken King, who I also spoke to this evening, and who owns the field with the larger formation, said that people in the area have reported seeing similar beams and lights over the past two or three weeks. He also mentioned that a number of people have had their digital cameras fail inside or near the formations (including his own as they flew over by helicopter on the 28th to obtain more aerial shots; good photos were successfully taken with the other analog camera). Some video footage taken showed only "snow" when played back. Also reports of people experiencing headaches and / or nausea. The usual (!). One person who took a geiger counter into the circles last Tuesday reportedly obtained a reading of about 600, with a "normal" reading of about 150 outside. Ken is going to try to have that experiment repeated next week.

"As well, Lynda told me that she was standing at the end of one of the arms of the smaller formation on the night of the 28th, the night of a *lunar eclipse* here in Canada. She noticed that this arm of the formation pointed directly at where the moon was in the sky. Another tie-in between formations this year and eclipses?? A diagram of this will be posted soon. I have also posted a link to a report by Ontario resident and researcher Krsanna Duran examining this and other possible connections.

"Also, there are apparently two other circles nearby the smaller formation, not initally reported but found later, about the same size as the other circles in this formation.

"There have also been good reports on the circles in the July 29 (front page) and July 30 editions of The Hamilton Spectator newspaper in Ontario.

"Many thanks to everyone who have assisted in this investigation. As this location is a long ways across the country from me (Vancouver, BC) and funds have been tight, I haven't been able to get to the site yet myself. Hopefully there will be more formations in western Canada again this year.

UPDATE - August 2, 1999

"A diagram has been added to the web site (also attached, Paul Anderson, CPR-Canada) showing the relationship between the smaller Hagersville #1 formation and the lunar eclipse which occurred on the evening of July 28, as described by Lynda Powless (see Update #2, July 30). Diagram based on fax copy from Lynda. Indicated is the position of where Lynda was standing inside the formation at the time, at the end of the one "arm" which points to where the moon was in the sky. (UFORC CASE No. CAUS#AUG399CC001-)


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