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This page was updated March 31, 2000


CONTACT! Near Mt. Adams, Washington

by UFORCE Correspondent Christopher Montgomery

The Self Mastery Earth Institute lies Directly south of the base of Mt. Adams, Washington. It is nestled in a small town called Trout Lake, and a shrine has been erected there. The place has been named "Sattva Sanctuary."

James Gilliland has studied many eastern and western philosophies and religions. He has come to the conclusion that "we are destined for the stars."

The UFO Resource Center received this update from James Gilliland. It involves the ongoing terrestrial encounters between James and what he believes to be the occupants of the UFO. This recent report details the magnitude and scope of those encounters that indicate that CONTACT has being made and the U.S. intelligence community is powerless to stop it. What you don't know can hurt you, and it appears that the ruling powers of the earth are not ready to admit that. They appear to be displaying the kinds of maneuvers that indicate interest as well as distrust and paranoia. Distrust, because they know that the alien UFO pilots don't like war; paranoid, because an advanced intelligence could potentially pose a threat to their power structure as well as their credibility, after decades of denials. The UFO Resource Center thanks James Gilliland for this report:

"The ships are appearing on a regular basis. I am sure if you contact Charlet at the Art Bell Chat Club Seattle she can arrange a ride. They are coming in very low lighting up the sky for everyone to see. Just had 37 eye witnesses here watch two golden ships drop right down and light up. We are now having constant military jets and a few strange helicopters coming around. It is as if the sky has a constant observer there from the military. If they just stopped by for coffee I would tell them all I know. This power over thing is so primitive. I will be at the Seattle Metaphysical Library on the 18th I think. They are setting it up now. Stay tuned and you are most welcome to come see for yourself the ongoing flybys. Be well"


"Dear Christopher, we are located at the base of Mt Adams in WA. We have accommodations here. I just came in from observing another golden ship, which flew over the center here and lit up the entire sky. They are really putting on a show. There are several witnesses. The ship is coming right on schedule every night for everyone to see. There were 6 sightings tonight alone of ships doing strange maneuvers. This may sound strange but it is not a matter of proving they exist. We are on a first name basis with them. Be well"

-- James Gilliland
self-mastery Earth Institute
PO Box 281,
Hood River, Oregon 97031


While working in our offices at the UFO Resource Center, we received this urgent message from UFORC correspondent James Galliland. You can read this e-mail, along with the UFORC reply which immediately follows his post. Date stamp at UFORC was July 16, 1999 @ 9:20 a.m. PST;

"Have full blown contact now. It has well been documented concerning the ongoing contacts here with multiple eyewitnesses as well as day and night footage with sound of the ships. Can provide all the eyewitnesses you wish. Linda Howe is now investigating it. Two days ago I was hit with three balls of light within a stream of energy after which a woman appeared to me with a strange headdress on used for communication and other higher consciousness and energy works. The ship came in as a golden light from the north. It dropped down real low and hovered. I have been in telepathic contact for 12 years after an NDE but nothing like this has ever happened. I asked for proof this is not my imagination, something tangible. I was fully awake at the time. I went to bed and woke up with a bright red circular burn on my chest right over the heart. It has been photographed. These beings are extremely spiritually and technologically advanced. They have a message. This is not airy fairy, this is for real. -- James Gilliland Self-Mastery Earth Institute *snip*"

To this, U.F.O.R.C. sent this immediate reply:


U.F.O.R.C. has received your e-mail at 9:20 am here in the greater Seattle area. This all sounds very exciting. I will post your email under news at *snip* We will edit the post to screen out any unwanted visitors to your facility.

You say that Linda Howe is going to investigate this case, huh? Our advice to you is not to agree to any hypnosis, and we will offer our assistance in this case. We have not had much contact with HOWE, but I believe that she is a serious investigator. Beyond that, we cannot advise you on what to do. We do know that you're going to have every swinging *snip* UFO investigator down there if you do not control the release of this information. For this reason, we will edit portions of your e-mail when posted.

So how can we help you here at the UFO Resource Center? Please advise. We would gladly accept any and all information and photographs, which you would like to send. Watch out for MIBs. Don't give the photo's to anyone that appears suspicious in any way. Trust you intuitive mind.

What was the message from the visitors? You say that you have received a message. What was it?

We are awaiting his reply. U.F.O.R.C. will post any and all news as soon as possible. In any event, we will keep you posted.
James Gilliland Sighting

UPDATES: April 10, 2000 KATU television appearance with James Gilliland and the Director of UFORCE is now available at the UFORCE On-Line Store! CLICK HERE to view this and other publications currently available about UFORCE and current investigations into UFOs>

UPDATES: March 31, 2000
Christopher Montgomery has written an article entitled WASHINGTON STATE UFO HOT SPOT that has been published in the March issue of UFO Magazine (US). Order your copy today! UFO MAGAZINE ARCHIVES: Click Here.

JAMES GILLILAND AND CHRISTOPHER MONTGOMERY had recently appeared at KATU TV in Portland Oregon on "AM NORTHWEST!". They discussed Montgomery's current investigation at the ranch. James brought some excellent UFO footage, as well as eyewitnesses and UFO evidence. A copy of this live video-taped interview is coming soon. Keep checking in at the UFO Resource Center for the latest news and information regarding the James Gilliland Ranch.

by Christopher Montgomery!
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