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Commonly Used Spell Components


"Herbs" is a catchall term, commonly used in reference to any plant substance such as bark, root, leaves, resin, flowers or stems. Often they are used in incense recipes, in mojo bags, ground and sprinkled as powder, or hung in bunches. Some herbs are used as tea, for a combination of medicinal and magical purposes. Since essential oils have the same purpose as their source herbs, I will only list those herbs which are used solely in herb form, or have medicinal value.


Many practitioners of magic using traditions like to use scented oils. Oils are either "essential" (pressed or extracted from real substances) or "fragrance" (substitute or synthetic scents). The essences on this list may also be used in whole-herb form for the same purposes.


Precious and semi-precious stones and crystals are very important to many magic-using traditions. Often they are used as amulets and in mojo bags.

These are some of the components commonly used in practical magic. Learn them well, not from any list but from your own experience. Books are well and good, but only as springboards--your best magic will come not only from within, but with time.