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The Shark is the Shark
The Shark is not the Dolphin
Do not pet the Shark

Feel free to explore, but don't forget your way in.....or out!


Here you will find the materials essential to the arts of magic, with their powers and uses.

Here is where Students and Apprentices learn the use of symbols, components and rituals in the performance of magic.

Here are the various books, grimoires, and instructional references recommended for the beginning magician. Note that not all of them are written by, for, or about the magical arts themselves. Some are about psychology, physics, and history.

Here the beginner will find many simple spells easily cast, with easy-to-find material components.

Magical Links

Join the United Mages

Ordo Templi Orientis
Aleister Crowley's Writings

Magical Supply Houses

Ancient Ways Bookstore

Miscellaneous Fun/Wierd Stuff

Art Bell

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