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If you have any news that I haven't already posted. Please feel free to email me with what you have, and I will post it.

August 23, 2000. I have great news for all Withblade fans! On August 27th, TNT will be airing The Witchblade movie!!!!! Times will be according to local areas and subscriptions, of course. It will be repeated at least on four different dates. So stay tuned and enjoy the show!!

August 3rd. I was misinformed on an earlier statement. The Witchblade series has not been slated for this fall. It has been slated for sometime in 1999. Here is the exact wordage from TNT: "There is no casting info yet on "Witchblade" but Oliver Stone is executive producing and it's slated for air sometime in 1999 on TNT." "Witchblade," due to premiere as a two-hour movie in early 1999, is described as an action-adventure hour about a New York detective who comes into contact with an ancient weapon that heals and gives power.

Also, Top Cow had this news release:November 6, 1997 from the HOLLYWOOD REPORTER WBDTD flashes a 'Witchblade' Warner Bros. Domestic Television Distribution has ordered 22 episodes of the planned one-hour action syndicated series "Witchblade" from Oliver Stone's Illusion Entertainment, according to sources. The weekly will be based on the top-selling "Witchblade" comic book series, which sells 200,000 copies a month. Warner Bros. is planning to shoot the series in Toronto for a fall 1998 debut. Gregg Maday, senior vp of Warner Bros. Television, will oversee development of the project, which was packaged by the Creative Artists Agency. The weekly will be themed around the central character of "Witchblade," Sara Pezzini, a NYPD homicide detective. She acquires the "witchblade," a gauntlet that empowers the wearer with supernatural strengths and abilities. One of the executive producers of the series is Marc Silvestri, founder and CEO of Top Cow Comics, which publishes the "Witchblade" series. Brad Foxhoven, president of Top Cow Comics, will produce with "Witchblade" writer David Wohl. The series has been hotly anticipated by stations since word emerged that the comic character was being developed as a TV series (HR 4/24). None of the parties involved in the project would comment. Top Cow is represented by the William Morris Agency. Initial reaction from station representatives to the planned series was positive. "Marquee value always helps, and when you put a major movie director and producer with the project, it certainly gets your attention," said Bill Carroll, vp, director of programming at Katz Television. Commenting on the state of the one-hour action market, Dick Kurlander, vp, director of programming at Petry Television, said," There continues to be a lot more hours than the market can support. But clearly not all of the (16) hours (on air) will be renewed. Certainly, bringing an established movie name to a project is very helpful." Numerous one-hour strips are elbow-to-elbow in the syndication market, including such top off-network blue chips as "The X-Files," "NYPD Blue," and "Walker, Texas Ranger." First-run hours such as "Gene Roddenberry's Earth: Final Conflict" and "Night Man" from Tribune Entertainment, "Pensacola: Wings of Gold" from Eyemark Entertainment, the comedy "Honey, I Shrunk the Kids" from Buena Vista Television and WBDTD's "Police Academy" are also notching good ratings. Action-film producer Jerry Bruckheimer also has a top-rated hour in syndication, "Soldier of Fortune, Inc." from Rysher Entertainment. Helping drive the economics for one-hour action shows in syndication is a thriving international market. One recent estimate indicated that as much as 70% of overall income for one-hour syndication programming comes from international. Just a few years ago, the ratio between international and domestic was nearer 50-50. Top feature names, such as Bruckheimer and David Kirschner (executive producer of "Final Conflict"), are attracted to syndication because syndie deals involve a commitment for at least 22 episodes. And unlike network productions, they are allowed almost complete creative control.

July 27th.- Found a great pic for all you Carmen Electra fans....Its Carmen as Sara!!
Also I have found the date and time for the Witchblade series. It will be on TNT, Wedsnday at 8pm. This fall!

July 24th.- There is a Witchblade soundtrack to the comic! It should be out sometime this fall. There are various rock and alternative groups on it. Click here for a look at the new cd!

July 20th.- This is the first of many news updates I will personally find and update. The first thing to say is that we finally have conformation that Witchblade will be a syndicated television series on TNT. It is said to be in the style of the hit show "NYPD Blue", with the Witchblade element adding a fantasy style to it. I have yet to find the exact date for airing. I will find out though!

Secondly, I have heard rumors of a Witchblade game, being produced for the Playstation. It is said to be in the likeness of the very popular game "Tomb Raider". Rumor has it that Edios, will be developing the game.

If you have any more news that you feel I should know, please email me at the address below.