This is Phantom Planet

Phantom Planet is a band straight out of California. These 5 guys serve up a huge load of good 'ol (what I like to call it)Nerd Rock! It's happy, it's poppy, and it's good. Well as I have been told by Darren there long awaited album which was suppoesed to be out in January won't see the shelves until this summer. What a good way to start off your summer vacation!


now let's meet the boys shall we?


Job in the band : Guitar & Cupcakes.....some one has to make them! :)

D.O.B. : August 24, 1978, making me 19 years old.

Location : Los Angeles, California.

Favorite Movies : Good Will Humping, Titassnic, and Free Willy.

Favorite Foods : Pizza, steak, chicken, and occasionally a piece of stank ass. :)

Favorite Bands : Radiohead, weezer, The Beatles, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Kara's Flowers, some weird band called PHANTOM PLANET, Nirvana, Rage Against the Machine, The Cardigans, and the list goes on.

Hobbies : Guitar playing, my girlfriend, surfing the internet for hard porn, Nintendo 64, writing songs, and smackin' dat ass.

What's in your CD player : My CD player is currently broken, but if I had the chance to listen to my CD's, I would most-likely have Radiohead's "OK Computer" CD in it.

Dream Date : Simple, all 3 ladies from that fantastic band HANSON, or my girlfriend, Ashley.

If you could be any cartoon character : Daffy Duck, because he is a duck. I like ducks. They are funny.

Marital status : I have been in a great relationship for over 3 and a half years, but I am not married. Will you marry me?


Job in the band : Guitar & Vocals.

Location : Los Angeles, CA.

Favorite Movies : Better Off Dead, Ferris Buellers Day Off, The Vacation Series (Not including Los Vegas Vacation), Star Wars, and The Stuff.

Favorite Foods : Turkey burgers, chicken strips, and red meat.

Favorite Bands : Radiohead, Latemnikcuf, The Caridgans, weezer, Classic rock in general, Classical music in general, and The Beatles.

Hobbies : Ice fishing. That is all.

What's in your CD player : Monteverdi Vespers of 1610, Radiohead "OK Computer", and Motzarts Great Mass.

Dream Date : Marsha Brady. (From the TV or Movies.)

If you could be any cartoon character : Shaggy from Scooby-Doo. People say I look like him.

Marital status : I am single... :)


Job in the band : Vocals & Guitar.

D.O.B. : October 9, 1879. (I'm old)

Location : Compton, Texas.

Favorite Movies : Sweet Sweet Back's Badass Song, Take This Job And Shove It, and The Stuff.

Favorite Foods : Pizza, and the blood of the living.

Favorite Bands : Celine Dion, The Beatles, Pulp, Rediohead, Stevie Wonder, and The Kinks.

Hobbies : Ice fishing, over eating, and over eating ice fish.

What's in your CD player : There is a half eaten sandwich.

Dream Date : Nina from The Cardigans, Because the world is round; it turns me on.

If you could be any cartoon character : Felix The Cat, because his name sounds like mine and he is also a cool cat.

Marital status : I am currently a blackbelt. :)


Job in the band : Bass.

D.O.B. : June 29, 1978, making me 19.

Location : Malibu,CA.

Favorite Movies : The Stuff, The Garbage Pail Kids movie, Clockwork Orange, Biloxi Blues, Star Wars, and Spaceballs.

Favorite Foods : Lobster, blood sausage, rotten lettuce, and dog.

Favirite Bands : Radiohead, Korn, The Beatles, 311 (No kidding), and Portishead.

Hobbies : Drawing, writing, music, and cards.

What's in your CD player : A band called Travis.

Dream Date : Jennifer Love Hewitt.

If you could be any cartoon character : Marvin The Martian, because he wants to blow up the world, but can't.

Marital status : I am currently single.


Job in band : Drums.

Location : Iraq, CA.

Favorite Movies : Home Movies, and Phantom Of The Paradise.

Favorite Foods : Home Movies, and rice cakes. (Home movies are delicious)

Favorite Bands : The Home Movies, and Electric Light Orchestra.

Hobbies : Making home movies, creating new forms of egg white omlettes, and spending quality time with the band and my family.

What's in your CD player : The Home Movies second ablum entitled "Homesick", and Thriller.

If you could be any cartoon character : Kid Icarus, because he is a digital play toy.

Marital status : I am currently a yellowbelt, but advancing quickly.

That's the end! Thank You to Phantom Planet for answering these hard to answer questions, you guys are GREAT!

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