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Riverside-Jett Lodge # 112 F.& A.M.

Riverside Lodge # 112 F.& A.M.

Master, 2018, W:.B:. Gary Flatt

Senior Warden Warden , 2018, V:.W:.B:. Pat Brown

Junior Warden Warden, 2018, Bro:. Doug Fountain

VWB Steven Guffy, Secretary of Riverside-Jett #112, "Mason of the Year", Grand Master Warren Schoben, RWB Charles Wood, RWB Camron Bailey and RWB Clint Brown, Grand Secretary

Riverside-Jett Lodge #112 Meets on the 1st Wednesday
of each month except July & August at 7:30 P.M.
Here at the Wenatchee Masonic Center.
Worshipful Master, W.B. Gary Flatt
Senior Warden, V:.W:.B:. Pat Brown
Junior Warden, Bro. Doug Fountain
V:.W:.B:. Steve Guffy, Secretary. Phone: (509) 662-7607
V:.W:.B:. John Lunt, Treasurer

V:.W:.B:. Wesley Beare, Deputy of the Grand Master in Dist. #21.