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Links Off The Starboard Bow!!!

These belong to people I have met over net through various chat rooms. I took some of these without permission, so if it lands me in trouble, they may be gone soon, and blame the person who got mad at me.

Kris's Page

Jenny Girls Page...(she called me da meh, I don't what that means but I'm da meh)

The Woo D Clan, Cool Shit...

Justin Sane's Page

Lita's Page

Roxy's Home Page

Turtles Swamp

Claires Page

Mazzy's Page

Debaser and Vamps Page

AlbertaGirls Page

The Cyber Pookey and Inter-Rainy page

Acid In Wonderlands Page

Yet another page, but...who did it???

I stole these from Other Places...(I'm sooo bad)

Mike's Bloom County Page

Click here to go to The Park...That is probably where I am...

Bert Is Evil...he really is...

Pow wow. Excellent chat format

Git yer own page you hoser!

It's one on one, private and DISCREET, and no one will ever reject you, being rejected is the most awful thing to happen...Just kidding, it's HOTMAIL."

I dont want to leave yet, I haven't signed the guestbook!!!