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Handmade by Karen Lyn

Handmade by Karen Lyn

Welcome to my baby items page!

As you can see, I've also indulged myself in creating Baby/Infant items.

"To show how much we cherish and love our little ones"

Please come in and look around.
This is my Warm and Cozy series. After my second child, I was getting REALLY tired of having to deal with awkward baby blankets that didn't quite cover my child as I needed it to do. Also, with my brother and sisters having children too, we found that we all had one set of problems, all revolving around how to keep our babies warm enough. So, I started looking around to see what kind of Baby or Infant 'wraps' were available. I was very surprised to find there was little else than 'Modified' blankets. A few were durable, but not comfortable or vice versa. Also, the comfortable ones were of a softer material, but lacked in being available in the various sizes needed from a newborn to 12 months. Some had a variety of fasteners: buttons, snaps or ties, or in a limited number of colors or patterns. All turned out to be expensive.

So, with using my child as a model, "Viola!!!" (wah-lah?) I adapted and created my own version of a wrap that I call my 'Warm and Cozy'.

I originally chose Cotton as my material, but moved over to Flannel since I wanted it to be warmer and more durable. This is made almost virtually seamless, other than the hood and booties. I later added elastic between the legs with the next baby (my nephew, very active tyke). Velcro is wonderful, since it made it easier to adjust the fit.

I found that it could be used for transporting babies in and out of carseats a lot quicker and easier than before. We have also used it as a receiving blanket (gift), an after-bath wrapper, at a christening (Wow!) and keeping their little special outfits clean and wrinkle free during trips to our family events. I prefer this over those bulky jackets, easily. Get them ready, wrap them up, carry them out to the car, fasten them in, get there, carry them out, unwrap them, put on their shoes and they are ready to have their picture taken. (^_^)

My best friend, Steve, has been so pleased with these that he asked if I would make him one for when he's not feeling well, but leave his remote hand free. Silly Man.

Below are some of the many different varieties of patterned material I have currently.

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Coming Soon:

Fleece 'Warm and Cozy'


handmade baby quilts

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For those of you who came in through a webring, I also make bed pillow dolls using everyone's favorite 11 1/2" doll. Please take a look I had a lot of fun making them. Thank you for stopping by, Please come again.

Karen Lyn's Pillow Dolls

Could someone please let me know what my page looks like as I cannot see it from a different perspective. It looks great to me on my browser (Microsoft Internet Explorer, monitor size 17") but I have no idea what it looks like on a different browser or screen size and I do believe that my mother is kind of biased. I would really appreciate it. Thank you

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I would like to thank whoever made the baby graphic. My husband found it on a page and saved it. If you would not like me to use it please notify me and I will take it off my page. But I thought it made a wonderful addition to my page. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!

DISCLAIMER: I would like to clarify that I am not the inventor of the original wrap. Although, I did name it 'Warm and Cozy"(I have no idea what it was called before I named it), I just adapted and created my own version to fit my needs and the needs of my siblings. Also that I don't know who the inventor of the original wrap is. Thank you