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Dedicated To One HellMouth of a Mother....

Joyce Summers
Keeper Page

Last Updated on Friday, July 9, 1999

I have no excuses or explanations for my absence. There's no use in dwelling on it anymore, lets get to the present. I have a good 20 requests sitting on my desk that I have to go through. If you've sent me a request in the last two months don't worry, I have it, I'll be contacting you soon. For those of you interested in KEEPING something new just drop me a line.

It's good to be back....


•Unconditional Love for Buffy - Lisa
•Uncannily Prophetic Reassurances to Buffy - Maddy
•High School Yearbook (she was on the committee) - LeAnne
•Barbecue Fork (that she didn't know she had) - Betsy
•Ability to take anything in stride - Chris
•Earrings (from 'WttH') - Allison T.
•Crate Cracking Crowbar - Chris
•Well-Intentioned Parental Cliches - X-Lander
•Coffee Cup (from 'Angel') - Gypsy
•Fertility Statue - Bob & Terry
•'Effective Parenting' Tapes - Allison T.
•Frustrating IRS Papers - Raininfire
•Juicer (from 'The Witch') - Catalina
•Funny Untold Story about Hank's Original Prom Date - Krista
•Concern for Buffy's Future - Angela Mach
•Obliviousness (to Buffy's being the Slayer) - Little Willow
•Sports Utility Vehicle - Jason
•Gracious Hospitality towards Darla (Big Mistake!) - Samantha B.
•General Friendliness - Angela Mach
•Positive Traits passed on to Buffy - Day
•Gidget (Farrah) High School Hairstyle - Nite
•Platitudes Good for all Occasions - Moy
•Dreams about Bills - Triple C
•Ring (from 'Prophecy Girl') - Lupe
•Practical and Unpretentious Clothing - Sage
•Watch (from WttH) - Allison T.
•Moisturizer (approved of by Cordy) - Jill K.
•Fire Axe of Motherly Retribution - Lisa & Chris
•Look of Maternal Fury (when confronting Spike) - Kimberly
•"Parent-Teacher Night" Outfit - Kimberly
•Gracious Hospitality towards Ampata (Mommy/Mummy Bonding) - Courtney
•Pride in Buffy's being able to "take care of herself" - Tricia-Leigh
•Patience (for all of Buffy's school troubles) - Jennifer
•"Night Manager" Duties at the Gallery - WillowSlay
•Nightgown (she was wearing when Darla bit her) - Daria
•Complete Ignorance of Buffy & Angel's Love - Lady Rave
•Week of Trusting Buffy - Mina
•Relationship with Ted - Sara B.
•Chats with Giles about Buffy - GylzGirl
•Broken Dish (from "Surprise") - Lady Cietdubh
•Ability to Look Good (even with a 17 year-old like Buffy) - Sali
•Desire for Buffy to Learn Responsibility - BuffyPhan
•Inability to "get it" with regard to Buffy ("The Witch") - JD
•Loneliness and Longing - Cera
•Knowledge of Buffy and Angel's Intimacy - Lesley
•Oranges (from "Passion") - Lesley
•Shock at hearing that Buffy & Angel made love - Annie
•Acceptance of being shut out of Buffy's life - Annie
•Fashionable yet Homey Decorating Style - Professional Lurker
•Special Hospital Moment with Giles ("Killed by Death) - Selyf
•Painting (on wall that Ted shoved her against) - SorceressL
•Lost Patience with Principal Snyder ("School Hard") - SorceressL
•Embarrassment at hitting on Xander - Lylia
•Concerned Talk with Buffy about the Angel sex thing - Erin
•Amazing Powers of Repression - Liz
•Car Keys - Jannah
•Fond Memories of Buffy as a little girl - Jannah
•Job as a Gallery Owner - Jannah
•"Out of the Loop" Status over Buffy's Slayerhood - Dominique
•Surprised Look (at hearing of Buffy's Slayerhood) - Crash Overide
•Stunned State (after Buffy revealed her Slayerhood) - Raininfire
•Refusal to accept Buffy's Slayerhood - Crash Overide
•Books on Proper Parenting - Sara
•Industrial Strength Detergent (to get the blood stains out of Buffy's clothes) - VampGirl
•Favorite Movie, "Thelma and Louise" - Mel
•Reluctant Acceptance of Spike as Buffy's "new friend" - Ms. Gwyn
•Unawareness that Buffy was "in a band" - Ms. Gwyn
•Perfect Preservation of her Pollyanna Attitude, even about Buffy's Slayerhood - Ms. Gwyn
•Sudden, Uncontrollable Desire for Xander ("BBB") - Beth C.
•Cheesy Chips ("Killed by Death") - Beth C.
•"Goodbye" Note that Buffy left her (end of "Becoming") - Jill
•Job as a Gallery Owner - Slayer01
•Failed Attempt to keep Buffy from Leaving the House (in "Becoming-II") - Angelica
•Long Hard Hours at the Gallery - Angelbuf
•"Malarkey" she gave Ted - Charity
•Gung-ho Motherly Pep Talks - Angelbuf
•Orange Juicer - Jodie
•Futile attempts to tell Buffy "No" - Charity
•Understanding she thinks she has of Buffy - Charity
•Awkward Moment of Silence in Living Room with Spike - Court
•Sensuous Backrub she gave Xander ("BBB") - Jessy
•Realization that asking Buffy "What's wrong?" won't do her any good ("WSWB") - 'jill
•Glass she threw in fight with Buffy ("Becoming-II") - Ryan
•Receipt from "Everyday Woman" ("Bad Eggs")- Kandise
•Nigerian Mask ("Isn't it pretty? It raises the dead!") - Nicole
•Bookclub Membership ("DMP") - Chibbi
•Love of Schnapps ("DMP") - Jean
•Ability to say exactly what's going on (without having any idea what's actually going on) - Caitlin
•Horror at realizing how a new slayer is called - Mary M.
•Attempts at Polite Conversation with Spike ("Becoming") - Beverly
•Interpretation of Buffy's Words to Snyder, "Nyah nyah nyah!" - Adreenis
•Contempt for Principal Synder (one of the few things she and her daughter have in common) - Kyle
•Temporary Teenage State ("Band Candy") - Adreenis
•Candy-Induced Passion with Giles ("Band Candy") - Adreenis
•Handcuffs ("Band Candy") - Archangel & Lisa
•Terrible Sense of Timing (in dealing with Buffy) - Drew
•Long Fiery Liplocks with "Ripper" ("Band Candy") - Copper
•Joyce's Black Knee~High Boots ("Band Candy") - Angelle77
•Joyce's Playful Gum Chewing ("Band Candy") - Nicki
•Joyce's Feelings of "SPECIALNESS" ("Band Candy) - Louise
•Joyce's Feathery "Juice Newton" Coat (Procured by Naughty Giles) ("Band Candy") - Louise
•Joyce's Green Cardigan ("Band Candy") - Ozspice04
•Joyce's Christmas Invitation to Faith ("Amends") - Mel
•Joyce's Reaction to the IDEA of Giles Coming over for Christmas ("Amends") - Mel
•Joyce's Obliviousness to Buffy's Reaction of Dread from her "Angel on Top" Question ("Amends") - Ragna
•Joyce's Attempt to March in the "Slayer's Pride Parade" ("FHT") - ERS2000
•Joyce's Imaginative Acronym, "MOO" ("Gingerbread") - Quan Yu
•Joyce's Desire to Understand the BIG Part of Buffy's Life, the Slaying ("Helpless") - The Vickster
•Joyce's Pajamas ("Consequences") - Mel H
•Joyce's Flowery "Mom" Robe ("") - Karyn

Again, I apologize for my absence. It appears many of us "old timers" are taking sabbaticals these days. Special thanks to all of you who have continued to support Joyce and the website dedicated to her.

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