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Jeffrey M. Duffield Work Page

My work at Boeing

I was first hired at Boeing in May of 1989 as an assembly mechanic at Propulsion Systems Division in Kent. I moved the Family down to Kent 3 weeks later. My first job was on the 737 Engine Build up line. I got right into it and learned the engine quickly and excelled as a mechanic. It was fun work, like putting together a big model kit, I got real good and earned a reputation for building engines without any defects. In April of 1992 I was given a lay-off notice, it was a shock but I expected it to come because I was low on the seniority list. In June I was out the door. On my Birthday May 17, 1996 I received through a certified letter from Boeing that I could have my job back if I wanted it. I was back in the door June 4th. My first position was on the engine hang crew in Everett, on the 777 final assembly line. 3 days later I was transfered down to the Propulsion Systems Division factory on E. Marginal Way in Seattle. My first assignment there was on the 777 Engine Build Up crew. I was on second shift, 3:00pm to 11:30pm. I quickly learned the 777 engines, there are 3 different types. GE, Pratt& Whitney, and Rolls Royce. Again I excelled and gained back my reputation of being an expert mechanic. I was loving it,and working allot of overtime. In May of 1997 I submitted my resume to Quality Assurance for a chance at an opening in the QA department as an Inspector. It took several months, I was interviewed and selected out of a field of 60 others. On Aug, 25th I started my new job as a line Inspector. I am currently assigned to the 747 - 767 EBU line, I inspect in-process work such as witness torques, safetywire installation, and jobs complete. Since I was a mechanic on these engines I know them very well, I don't let any mistakes get by. The mechanics still come to me if they need to know how to do something, I can spot errors right away. All the engines for Washington built Boeing aircraft go through this plant, 37,47,57,67,77. It's a great place to work. As of 1-28-02 I have been moved back to a mechanic position due to the cutbacks and reduced aircraft production.