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Jeff's Hydroplane page

My Hydroplane experience began in December of 1992 when I was hired by Ron Jones Marine. The premier Hydroplane designer and builder located in Kent Wa. I worked as a mold builder and part maker. One of our projects early in 1993 was to rebuild and upgrade an older boat owned by Mike Eacrett. I volunteered to help get the boat ready for the race season. I worked almost everyday till late at night on my own time. We got the boat ready for the Tri Cities race at the end of July. We did well for a rookie team. After the Seafair race in August I was given an official spot on the crew. I travelled with the boat and crew to the San Diego race where these pictures where taken. In October we went to Hawaii for the race in Pearl Harbor.
The next year I worked on the boat again getting it ready for the '94 season. I was now the Head man in charge of the Hull. I made several modifications and improvements. We were determined to do better. Our first race was in Tri Cities. We put the boat in the water for the first time Friday Morning. During Mike's first two laps he was running in the 154 mph range. Then coming into the corner finishing the second lap, the right sponson lifted, he got too much air under the boat and it went over. A wild magnificent backwards flip landing on the left sponson tip. The boat literally came apart and was totally destroyed. Mike was safe in the enclosed cockpit, shaken and sore but OK. Our '94 season was over. My hydroplane racing career was now over also. Mike worked hard to try to get a new sponsor to build another boat, but to this day is still not in the hunt with the rest of the boats on the hydroplane race circut. It was a dream come true for me to be on a boat team and race. I will never forget it. Thank You Mike for giving me a chance.

The year 2006 has me back in the Hydroplane racing scene. Mike Eacrett has asked me to join him with his new boat the G-24. It is a Piston powered boat to race in the new "G" class. We will be racing at Tri Cities, Seattle and San Diego.