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Wallis Pang
This site is dedicated to Iwanbeo, Leung Yuen Ching.

Chinese Name: 彭子晴

English Name: Wallis Pang

Birthday: August 26, 1973

Horoscope: Virgo

Blood Type: B

Vision: Myopia

Health: Very Good

Height: 5'7

Family: Mother, Father N 3 Older Brothers

Sleep Hours: 8

Most Stimulus Experience: While Filming The Commercial

Favorite Cartoon: Pluto

Favorite Colors: Black, White N Gray

Favorite Place: Home

Favorite Snack: Laver

Favorite Dessert: A Lot

Favorite Subject: Chinese

Favorite Pet: Dog

Favorite Season: Fall

Favorite Pastime: Eating

Favorite Admire: Fire Fighter

Favorite Singer: Sade

Favorite Actresses/Actors: Julia . Roberts

Dislike Weather: Raining

Dislike People: Gambler

Dislike Subject: PHY

Dislike Food: Durian

I apologize if the pictures are blurry & please be patient while downloading.