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Welcome to the 365 web page. The goal of this publication is to induce as many of our squadron mates as possible into attending the 1998 Vietnam  Helicopter Aircrew reunion to be held in Pensacola , Florida

  We will be in tent 5(FIVE) we will be sharing it with 265.  Rumors of a keg of beer buy 1 get 1 free  or something . There will be a tasteful bantering section in the room  and an award for best liar.
    We are beginning to collect stuff for a history locker to grow with future  reunions and accompany 365 until the last man croaks. then we will give it to a Museum of Aviation  or the USMC history Dept. Contact Will Reeves at  if you have a donation. Pictures,  Poems ,Old flight suits (washed) or contact Ina Maze at  if you would like to display a  momento of your special time In Vietnam

    If you want to help setup the hootch  come to PNS wed -See Werve at the Hampton Hotel or come out to beach

Get your buddies to attend

We would really like to hear from you. If you can't join us perhaps you know someone who might or could give us the address of someone who might if they knew about the re-union

A visit to the flight Museum is a must

These are the coordinaters for the event. We take letters, postcards, e-mail, faxes, phone calls (please not before reville). If you want to help let us know. We encourage family participation and hope to see your whole gang.

Major Gus will be there.

Nick Werve
3300 NW 77th St
Seattle,Wa. 98117

Mike Layman
106 N. 41st Ave
Yakima, Wa 98908-3211
email at

Semper Fi