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Ghostbuster's Division 5, RhyDin.

Almost 15 years ago, in New York City, Earth, the very first Ghostbusting team arised. Soon after their claim to fame in defeating the evil Summarian god, Gozer, the Gozarian, they were run out of business. During this time, however, their containment unit where they stored the ghosts they caught was shut down, in turn setting an explosion that shot a beam of highly charged protons into the sky. This beam tore a rift in space and time, opening a gate way to a ghostly dimension. By way of this rift, a strong, yet dormant spectral meteor made it's way through Earth's atmosphere, landing somewhere in Antarctica. For 15 years, this meteorite lay dormant, until now... Now something else happened, where is it, somewhere back in New York, in 1989, the destruction of Vigo, The Carpathian, opened up another rift, this one led to the magikal realm of RhyDin ((Where all the AOL Role Players hang out)) This one rift to RhyDin was only recently discovered by myself, Mike Bishop. By this time, dozens of Ghostbusting teams have spead across the United States. Mine is Division 5, the one team that was sent to this RhyDin. Back in Antarctica, the millions of ghosts entraped in the meteorite escaped. Sensing the magikal draw from RhyDin, they made their way through the rift, and into the mystical realm. Afterwards, the portal collapsed, leaving both Division 5, and the millions of ghouls in RhyDIn.

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