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Other Inmatez

There are several artists on Death Row who are very talented, yet because of lack of exposure, most fans (including myself) don't know much about them. The majority of these Inmatez will play an integral part in the future of the Row, so they definitely deserve to be mentioned.

An artist who has been with the Row for a long time, yet not much is known about him. His solo release should be out within a couple years, and he'll produce and perform more songs soon to let his many fans know about him and his skills.

YGD (Top Dogg)
Compton-based rapper who signed with Death Row during the Snoop departure. Some people are critical of the fact that Derek Wade sounds a lot like a young Snoop. But as long as he sells units (he will) and as long as he's not a coward like Snoop (he's not), I don't care. Very tall (but he'll remind you he doesn't play basketball), his solo double album will be out in the next couple years.

Another great female R&B singer with vocal skills matching Michel'le's, this long-time Row artist isn't getting a solo deal anytime soon, unfortunately. But she will thankfully get more tracks on future compilations.

A hard female rapper who is expected to have a solo release in the next couple years. From Texas, Vanesha Knight was brought on to fill the role Rage once held. VK's lyrical skills are widely respected, and she is a valuable addition to the Row. As you may be able to tell by her name, she is Suge's niece.

Swoop G
Recently signed Long Beach rapper who brought a beef with Daz, Kurupt, and Snoop with him, but apparently it wasn't a big enough contradiction to stop Suge from bringing him on board. James Parker has a great style, and brings conflict - which I love. Hopefully he'll lose the anti-Daz and Kurupt feelings so there won't be inner-turmoil on the Row.

Mac is a Bay Area rapper signed in '98 who will be featured heavily in the Row's future. DeShawn Dawson is pretty hard, and he is also the younger cousin of the famous Yay-based E-40. Mac really shined on Chronic 2000, and I can't wait to hear more from him.


A hardcore Texas rapper, Elbert Turner supposedly has a solo release planned. From what I've heard, he was influenced by No Limit, which isn't good. Hopefully he'll lose that and eventually bring a southern audience to the Row, the job the now-exiled Chocolate Bandit was originally expected to fill.

The only white rapper signed to Death Row (singer Gina is the only other white artist signed, but she came on board because of a favor her father did for Suge...illegally), Miilk hails from New Jersey. He owes some of his success to the door-opening popularity of Eminem and to his friends in Jersey rap group Naughty By Nature. Whether he will be a long-term Row artist is questionable.

Once these artists gain more prestige by releasing more work, they will also gain a page devoted to them on my site.