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Michel'le is a heavenly R&B artist who released her first Death Row solo album in 1998. Her musical career found its beginnings at Ruthless Records, where she released an album in 1990 that went platinum (most folks don't know that). Michel'le had a lusty relationship with Dr. Dre in those tumultuous early nineties, had a child with him, and was brought on board with the young Death Row Records as the company's most talented and prominent singer.

Promised a solo deal for many years, she finally got the chance to show the world that she is more than a mere backup singer on Def Row's mighty rap tracks. Well, Michel'le certainly did prove it, but not many so-called Row fans have purchased "Hung Jury," which is very sad. Just go out and buy it, because it's excellent. It can be hard to find, though, so you can of course buy it through this site.


Hung Jury