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Still I Rise

Still I Rise was a joint effort between Tupac and his Outlaw desciples. It allowed the Outlawz to fulfill their one-album deal with Death Row so that they could go elsewhere, and there was no doubt this was primarily an Outlaw release. Anyone expecting a solo Tupac release was surprised, as he only offered up about 20% of the lyrical content. But of course, Tupac material is Tupac material: brilliant and powerful, and that can't be ignored, even though his voice is too scarce. While Death Row and Amaru's names and logos were not included, it is another Row/Amaru project. Maybe because of lack of promotion, or maybe because it wasn't solo Pac, this album didn't sell the way Tupac albums usually do. It definitely wasn't due to lack of quality, because this is good stuff. Hopefully future releases will recapture the huge fan base that is out there.

SALES: 1 million


  1. Letter to the President

  2. Still I Rise

  3. Secretz of War

  4. Baby Don't Cry (Keep Ya Head Up II)

  5. As The World Turns

  6. Black Jesuz

  7. Homeboyz

  8. Hell 4 A Hustler

  9. High Speed

  10. The Good Die Young

  11. Killuminati

  12. Teardrops and Closed Caskets

  13. Tattoo Tears

  14. U Can Be Touched

  15. Y'all Don't Know Us

Executive Producer: Suge Knight