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Retaliation, Revenge and Get Back

Death Row's first release of 1998 saw a very different world than the one it was used to. Companies like Bad Boy and No Limit had taken the real rap game that Death Row founded and transformed it into a purely commercial entity in a very short few months. During this sad change, fans became accustomed to formula songs that are guaranteed success, and they quickly changed loyalty to these companies. How quickly they forget that Death Row paved the path for these very labels' success!

With this alteration of fan mindset, a good Daz album sold weakly. I knew that Puffy's formula-hits would change the industry for the worse, and guess what - "Call me a prophet 'cause I predict what's gon' happen" - as the Outlawz said.

SALES: 400,000


  1. Intro "Gang Meeting"
    (feat. Tray Dee, Ty Cuzz, Bad Ass & Technique)
    Gang Bangin Ass Criminal
    (feat. Tha Gang, Kurupt & Technique)

  2. It's Going Down
    (feat. Kurupt & Prince Ital Joe)

  3. Playa Partners
    (feat. B-Legit)

  4. It Might Sound Crazy
    (feat. Too Short)

  5. Our Daily Bread
    (feat. Kurupt & Prince Ital Joe)

  6. California
    (feat. Lady "V")

  7. Initiated
    (feat. 2Pac, The Outlawz & Kurupt)

  8. Oh No
    (feat. Tray Dee & J-Money)

  9. Retaliation, Revenge And Get Back

  10. O.G.
    (feat. Snoop Doggy Dogg & Nate Dogg)

  11. Baby Mama Drama
    (feat. Big C-Style & Lil C-Style)

  12. Only For U
    (feat. Lady "V" & Big Pimpin)

  13. Ridin High
    (feat. WC)

  14. The Ultimate Come Up
    (feat. Bad Ass & M.C. Eiht)

  15. Thank God For My Life
    (feat. Tray Dee, Soopafly, Bad Ass & Big Pimpin)

  16. Outro "Why Do We Bang"

Executive Producer: Suge Knight