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Tha Doggfather

This was a tough album for Snoop and Death Row alike. Combined with Tupac's death less than two months prior to its release, its lack of quality had people wondering if both gangsta rap and Death Row Records were dead for good. Yet it sold well bacause of Snoop's fame.

The reasons for the poor album are many. When Dr. Dre left, a large gap in the producing talent occured. Also, comparisons were made between Tha Doggfather and Doggystyle - which was a wonderful album. On top of that, Snoop left his harder image behind to appear more mature. He went from gangsta to playa. This style just didn't work, and he later abandoned it at No Limit due to slowing sales.

SALES: 2 million


  1. Intro

  2. Doggfather
    (feat. Charlie Wilson)

  3. Ride 4 Me

  4. Up Jump Tha Boogie
    (feat. Charlie Wilson & Teena Marie)

  5. Freestyle Conversation

  6. When I Grow Up

  7. Snoop Bounce
    (feat. Charlie Wilson)

  8. Gold Rush
    (feat. Kurupt & L.B.C. Crew)

  9. (Tear 'Em Off) Me & My Doggz

  10. You Thought
    (feat. Too $hort & Priest Brooks)

  11. Vapors
    (feat. Charlie Wilson & Teena Marie)

  12. Groupie
    (feat. Daz, Kurupt, Nate Dogg, Warren G & Charlie Wilson)

  13. 2001

  14. Sixx Minutes

  15. (O.J.) Wake Up
    (feat. Tray Dee)

  16. Snoop's Upside Ya Head
    (feat. Charlie Wilson)

  17. Blueberry
    (feat. Daz, Kurupt & L.B.C. Crew)

  18. Traffic Jam

  19. Doggyland

  20. Downtown Assassins
    (feat. Daz & Tray Dee)

  21. Outro

Executive Producer: Suge Knight